Evony: General Custer

There are various Generals in Evony: The King’s Return, one of which is General George A. Custer, who is currently unavailable in the Tavern.

You are invited to build your own empire from the ground up in this adventurous mobile game, Evony: The King’s Return. The mobile game is based on the widely acclaimed video game, Evony, so you will likely experience similar mechanics and gameplay in both versions.

The King’s Return has a variety of activities and occasional events that you can participate in, but you first have to procure some Generals to participate in any of them.

There are varying types of Generals for you to collect, and each one has certain specialities and can, therefore, influence certain aspects of your gameplay.

What is the objective of a General?

Generals are a vital component of the game, since you have to use them in everything you do. This includes crafting, building, fighting, and researching, among other activities.

It is alleged that the better the General is, the more effective they are in these roles. A General’s role is to lead your troops on their missions, whether it is to gather resources or to attack enemies in battle.

However, you can also assign a General to your keep’s wall to defend your empire from attacks and you can allocate a General to a Subordinate City to get additional buffs and benefits

Evony: General Custer

One of the Generals you can procure in Evony: The King’s Return is George A. Custer. He is one of the most famous American military officers and is known as the Son of the Morning Star. Unfortunately, this General is currently unavailable, which means that he cannot be acquired in-game.

Evony: General Custer
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Similarly to other Generals, George A. Custer has a unique speciality skill called Son of the Morning Star. This skill increases the march size by 10 percent, and it can increase mounted troops’ attacks by 40 percent.

But you should bear in mind that this skill only activates when George A. Custer is leading the army to attack.

In addition to his special skill, Custer possesses general specialities, which are indicated in the table below. Keep in mind that these effects are at maximum level.

Speciality Effect
Mounted troop defence Mounted troops’ health points and defence are increased by 10 percent
Strike March speed is increased by 10 percent, and marching mounted troops’ attack is increased by 20 percent
Mounted Troop Ares Mounted troops’ attack, health, and defence are increased by 10 percent
Battle of Gettysburg Mounted troops’ attack is increased by 30 percent, and their health points are increased by 20 percent

How to acquire George A. Custer

Once George A. Custer becomes available, players can recruit him from the Tavern, which is one of the buildings in your keep. Gamers should take note that George A. Custer costs approximately 60 million gold, which is an in-game currency.

Although he will not always be available, as the Generals available for recruitment in the Tavern resets regularly. There are only a certain number of Generals available to recruit in your Tavern, but you can refresh the Generals for free daily. Any refreshes after the free one deduct gold from your inventory.

What are General Custer’s statistics?

Similarly to other Generals, George A. Custer possesses 4 statistics, each of which influences a specific feature in your gameplay. George A. Custer’s normal statistics, awakened statistics, and what they affect are as follows:

Statistic Description Normal Ascended
Leadership It affects troops’ health points and their march speed 118 Increased by 9.01 percent
Attack It affects the attack damage of the general’s troops 120 Increased by 9.03 percent
Defence It affects the troops’ defence 115 Increased by 8.74 percent
Politics It affects the ratio of wounded-to-dead soldiers after battles 107 Increased by 8.58 percent

Is George A. Custer Awakened?

There are various methods you can use to improve your Generals, and the game’s developer, Evony, recently introduced a new method called General Ascending.

Ascension allows players to ascend their Generals up to 10 stars, which is 5 levels higher than can be done through the normal enhancing system.

Evony: General Custer
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It is crucial to keep in mind that not all Generals can be ascended. Evony regularly changes which Generals can be ascended. Once a General is available for the ascension process, this will be displayed in the Tavern Portrait Gallery with a red border.

Furthermore, the Generals that are available for Ascension are referred to as Awakened Generals. At the moment, George A. Custer is an Awakened General, which means that he can be Ascended.

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