Evony: General Charles XII

Charles XII is a powerful General in Evony: The King’s Return, though you should only use him with ranged troops.

Evony: The King’s Return is an adventurous video game that allows you to assume the role of a lady or lord during medieval times.

It is your responsibility to build an empire from scratch by constructing buildings, training troops, and harvesting resources.

To assist you with these tasks, you can recruit Generals. One of the Generals you can acquire is Charles XII.


Generals are your leaders in the game as they lead armies in marches to gather resources and to attack enemies on the world map.

You can also assign a General to be the Mayor of a Subordinate City. Generally, Generals can be collected from the Tavern, which is a building in your keep.

However, some Generals you can only acquire by participating in a specific in-game event. Hence, players should check the Event Center regularly to find out when a General will be available for collection.

Although Generals may seem quite simple, they are a key component in Evony because you use Generals in everything you do in the game.

Evony: General Charles XII

One of the Generals in Evony is Charles XII, who is the King of Sweden. He achieved a major victory over a Russian army some four times the size of his army. Charles can be purchased from the Tavern in your keep, although he is not always available.

Evony: General Charles XII
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When he becomes available for purchase, you will pay approximately 60 000 000 gold for him. Once you have Charles XII, you can assign him to lead your armies. Similarly to other Generals in Evony, Charles XII has several abilities that you can benefit from.

The table below lists Charles XII’s abilities and a description of each:

Ability Description
Ranged Troop Formation
  • Ranged troop attack and defence are increased by 10 percent
  • Ranged troop and siege machine attack are increased by 10 percent
Ranged Troop Ares
  • Ranged troop attack, defence, and health points are increased by 10 percent
Battle of Narva
  • Attacking siege machine and ranged troop attack are increased by 35 percent
  • Marching ranged troop defence and health points are increased by 10 percent.

In addition to these abilities, Charles XII also has a main skill called Great Northern War, which increases ranged troop attack by 40 percent.

Moreover, it increases the march size, ranged troop, and siege machine’s defences by 10 percent when he is leading the army.

A General’s main ability is always active and does not require development. In order to benefit from Charles XII’s main skill, you have to make sure that he is leading the army to the battle.

Charles XII’s Statistics

Every General in Evony has 4 main statistics that determine how good they are at certain things. Leadership increases sub-city training speed, troop health points, and march speed. Attack increases the army’s attack while defence increases troop defence.

On the other hand, politics increase sub-city construction and gold production speed as well as resource gathering speed and troop-to-death wounded rate. Charles XII’s base statistics and growth rate are listed below:

Statistic Base Growth rate
Leadership 112 8.82 percent
Defence 120 9.08 percent
Attack 121 8.94 percent
Politics 104 8.57 percent

What should you use Charles XII for?

According to Charles XII”s skills, players should only use him when they are attacking with ranged troops or siege machines.

When you are fighting against mounted troops, you should use ranged troops because ranged troops have an advantage over mounted troops and enemies.

However, if you notice that the enemy is fighting with ground troops, you should not use ranged troops. Ground troops are strong against ranged troops, which means that you may lose the battle.

It is therefore essential that you know which troops you have to defeat before a battle begins.

Can Charles XII be improved?

Once you have Charles XII, you should focus on increasing his level. This can be done by killing enemy troops, defeating monsters, and attacking sub-cities. When he has reached a high level, you can commence the cultivation process.

This process requires gems and gold to increase Charles XII’s statistics. Every statistic can be increased by an additional 500 points through this process.

You can also raise Charles XII’s star level by enhancing him. This process requires gold and medals. Charles XII’s star level can be increased to a maximum of 5 stars, but he must be on a certain level before a star increase can be done.

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