Evony: General Ascending

Evony players can increase the Star level of a General through Ascending; however, they first have to acquire Blood of Ares.

Evony: The King’s Return is a popular mobile game in which players can take on the role of a lord or lady in medieval times. The purpose of the game is for players to build an empire from the ground up and become fearless leaders.

Since the game is based on the classic video game, Evony, players will encounter similar dynamics in both games. Similarly to its predecessor, The King’s Return offers players a range of Generals that they can acquire.

Generals are a vital component in the game, as you use them in everything you do in the game. Even though there are different types of Generals, they can all be improved using the same methods.

Methods to improve your Generals

Every General in the game has 4 different statistics that affect how good they are at certain things. These statistics improve every time your General reaches a new level. The amount they increase by is the statistics growth rate.

In addition to levelling up your Generals, you can commence the cultivating process. This is the process of spending gold and gems to increase a General’s statistics with a bonus amount. Every statistic is increased by an additional 500 through this process.

Furthermore, players can enhance their General, which is the process whereby his or her Star Level is improved. Keep in mind that their Star Level can only be increased up to a maximum of 5 Stars.

Evony: General Ascending

Some Generals in the game can be improved through the Ascension process. Ascension allows players to ascend their Generals up to 10 stars, which is 5 levels above what can be done through the normal enhancing feature.

Evony: General Ascension
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Similarly to enhancing, every Star added through ascension further improves your General. This includes increases to their statistics and an additional buff to their Special Skill for every ascension level.

Up to Star level 5, the General’s statistics are collectively improved for each level. However, after that, 5 stages must be completed for every Star level. This means that the Ascension process is extremely long, as each stage of a Star level only increases 1 statistic.

The table below outlines the skill that is upgraded for each stage:

Stage Statistic
1 Leadership
2 Attack
3 Defence
4 Politics
5 Original skill

It is important to take note that before you can Ascend your Generals, you must increase their Star level to 5. Furthermore, you have to procure Blood of Ares, which is the material used for the Ascension process. Blood of Ares was recently introduced into the game, and its only purpose is to ascend Generals.

Players allegedly have to farm great quantities of it in order to increase the Generals’ Star levels. Luckily, there are various methods players can use to acquire Blood of Ares, and players can allegedly get 7 daily.

How to commence the Ascension process

It is noteworthy that the General you want to ascend has to be at a decent level, in other words, they should not be at a base level. Additionally, the General has to be at a maximum Star level, which means that you have to enhance him or her to the maximum level before you can start the Ascension process.

Once players have met the Ascension requirements, they can go to the enhance section of a General’s profile to find the Ascension process. Before you can begin the Ascension, you have to make sure you have collected enough Blood of Ares.

Players should bear in mind that the quantity of Blood of Ares needed for Ascension increases with every stage.

How to procure Blood of Ares

As previously mentioned, players can acquire up to 7 Blood of Ares daily, however, there is no guarantee that it will drop. The table below lists the numerous methods you can use to procure a Blood of Ares, and the quantity you can get daily:

Method Quantity
Gathering resources at a level 13 or higher location 1
Exploring Relics 2
Killing a level 3 or higher event boss, or a normal boss that is on level 11 or higher 3
Completing 145 daily activities 1

Which Generals can be Ascended?

It is crucial to keep in mind that not all Generals can be ascended. Evony regularly changes which Generals can be ascended at any given time.

Once a General is available to be ascended, this will be displayed in the Tavern Portrait Gallery with a red border. Furthermore, the Generals available for ascension are referred to as Awakened Generals.

Evony: General Ascension
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    • once you have reached level 22 and enhance the general to 5 stars. remember like it says above, not all generals can be ascended. its best to check the portraits in the tavern to see if the general has a Red Border and not gold or purple.


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