Evony: Fortress Pyramid

Evony players can destroy Fortress Pyramids on the world map to earn valuable items, including resources, gold, speed-ups and Blood of Ares.

Evony: The King’s Return takes place in a persistent world during the medieval time period. You have to assume the role of a lord or lady of an empire.

Monarchs must construct buildings, recruit Generals, train troops, defeat enemies and harvest resources to progress in the game.

Fortress Pyramid

In addition to expanding your empire, you can participate in numerous events, one of which is The Legend of Napoleon.

This event contains numerous sub-events, namely Napoleon’s Treasure, Expedition to Egypt, Imperial Lion and Napoleon’s Party.

During the Expedition to Egypt event, there is a chance that Fortress Pyramids will appear on the world map.

Players can destroy the Fortress Pyramids to earn Expedition Points, but the higher the level of the Fortress Pyramid is, the more points you will receive.

Evony: Fortress Pyramid
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If you destroy the Fortress Pyramid, you will be rewarded with rich treasures. Monarchs can claim the treasures to receive Expedition Points and rare item rewards.

You can purchase the Expedition to Egypt Support Package to get a telescope, which can be used to locate the coordinates of a Hidden Fortress Pyramid.

If you destroy the Hidden Fortress Pyramid, you will also receive treasures and Expedition Points. Your Hidden Fortress Pyramid can only be attacked by yourself or your Alliance members.

Where to find Fortress Pyramids

As previously explained, the Fortress Pyramids spawn on random tiles on the world map.

It is therefore impossible to determine which tiles the Fortress Pyramids will appear on. This means that you have to scan the world map to find  a Pyramid.

You may search for Fortress Pyramids for some time, but there is also a chance that you will find a Fortress Pyramid in a few seconds. Once you have found a Pyramid, you can send your troops to destroy it.

How to destroy a Fortress Pyramid

There are 5 levels of Fortress Pyramids on the world map, but players should note that the higher the level is, the more power the pyramid has. However, you will earn more points for vanquishing a high level pyramid.

We recommend that you treat the Fortress Pyramids like bosses, which means that you should send single tier cave marches with your Alliance joining rallies with 1 troop type.

That being said, you can attempt to defeat these Pyramids solo, but to ensure you are successful, we recommend that you invite Alliance members to destroy it.


After destroying a Fortress Pyramid, it will drop Boxes around the area. There are 3 different boxes that you can benefit from, but keep in mind that there are 3 levels as well which are dependent on the Fortress.

Evony players can loot all 3 boxes after destroying a Pyramid, however, you can only claim up to 50 boxes daily.

The military boxes reward players with forging certificates, Blood of Ares, source of life and resource chests.

Treasure boxes drop dragon coins, love heart boxes, runestone chests and resource boxes. Supply boxes, on the other hand, drop resource chests, research speed-ups and gold.

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