Evony: Fasolt Dragon

Evony players can now redeem Fasolt Dragon Pattern from the Napoleon’s Treasure event to unlock the new Fasolt dragon in their pasture

In Evony: The King’s Return you have to administrate your cities and use your leadership skills to manage resource and research improvements to gain advantages.

As the Monarch of an empire, you have to recruit Generals, train various types of troops and harvest resources on the world map.

Fasolt Dragon

There are various Dragons in Evony and once you have collected a Dragon you can assign it to a General to unlock unique buffs and bonuses.

At the time of writing, players can participate in several Napoleon-based events, one of which is Napoleon’s Treasure.

Participating in this event will give you the opportunity to collect the new Dragon; Fasolt. To unlock Fasolt, you have to procure 800 Napoleon Gold Coins.

There are various methods that players can use to acquire the coins, however, the best methods are:

  • Collect 12 coins in a lead-up-to event
  • Collect 44 coins from Daily Activities
  • Be in the top 3 of the Expedition to Egypt event for 200 coins
  • Purchase 2 packs with triple coupons to gain 600 coins

Monarchs unfortunately have to spend real money with this event, however, you will have approximately 856 Napoleon Gold Coins.

If you are not in the top 3 of the Expedition event, you can use 2 triple coupons on the packs and a double coupon on a pack. The total cost will be approximately $297.

Evony: Fasolt Dragon
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Fasolt’s talents

Every Dragon in Evony has unique talents that will be activated when they are assigned to a General. Fasolt’s talents are as follows:

Talen Description Requirement
Pink Crystal Wings
  • Increases in-rally mounted troop attack
  • Increases ground troop defense
Fasolt must be level 3 to unlock this talent
Shadow of Dragon Rider
  • Mounted troop attack on monsters is increased
  • Ground troop HP is increased
The dragon has to be level 6 to unlock this talent
Dragon Spirit Ring
  • Enemy ranged troop attack is decreased
  • March Speed is increased
Fasolt has to be level 10 and your Pasture must  be level 35 to unlock this talent

Can you unlock Fasolt without using any money?

Evony players can acquire Napoleon Gold Coins by purchasing packages and progressing the activity bar. Unfortunately, the chances are quite low that you will earn 800 Napoleon Gold Coins by simply progressing the activity bar.

This means that you may have to purchase packages with real money to collect enough Gold Coins to unlock Fasolt. It is undetermined whether or not the dragon will be available for free in the future.

Fasolt Dragon Pattern

Once you have 800 Napoleon Gold Coins, you can head to Napoleon’s Treasure to redeem Fasolt Dragon Pattern.

Monarchs can consume this item in their Pasture to unlock the dragon and once it is unlocked you will receive items like Dragon Source Fragments and Treasure Boxes.

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