Evony: Fafnir

In the game Evony: The King’s Return, you will have to face and defeat one of the most powerful bosses, Fafnir, when you reach level 13.


You can take on the role of a lord or lady in the mobile game, Evony: The King’s Return, which is based on the classic video game. Players will, therefore, experience similar gameplay, content, and storylines.

It is set in a fantasy world during medieval times where you can enjoy exciting role-playing elements. Players can also take control of an alliance or city to become a powerful monarch.

This game has a range of puzzles for you to solve and complete. Players will have to solve a puzzle in order to move on to the next. Furthermore, there are multiple activities you can enjoy, such as creating your own empire, defeating enemies, and joining powerful alliances.

The game features different levels that you have to complete to receive rewards. Some of these levels have powerful bosses that require strategic planning to defeat.

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Why is it important to have several activities?

According to research, players will stay engaged in a game if it offers a variety of activities. It also ensures that the game does not become boring, since it does not focus on a single task, but instead on an array of them.

Moreover, it gives players the opportunity to choose which activities they want to participate in, according to their preferences.

The numerous activities will attract a more diverse, wider group of people. Some of the game’s tasks will be locked when you first start playing, but once you have met the necessary requirements, you can unlock them.

Having requirements for unlocking specific activities motivates you to play the game for longer periods of time.

Evony: Fafnir

As mentioned above, there are several puzzles that you have to solve. Evony also has several levels or stages that you can complete to receive rewards. When you reach level 13 of the game, you will have to face and defeat one of the strongest bosses in the game – Fafnir.

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Many players believe that he is an extremely difficult boss to defeat, as he has 120 000 000 Power. Players should also consider that it will cost approximately 40 stamina to defeat this boss.

As such, it is highly advised that you only start a fight with this boss when you are absolutely certain you can defeat him.

To kill this boss, it is advised also that you use mounted troops led by a strong mounted General. The General should be equipped with mounted gear and have the correct skills and refines. It would benefit players to invest in mounted research and technology.

Evony- Fafnir
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Rewards for defeating Fafnir

Once you have successfully defeated Fafnir, you will be rewarded 5000 Monarch Experience, 500 Alliance Honour, 500 Alliance Points and 400 Prestige.

Additionally, your General will receive 7200 experience as a reward. Fafnir can also drop 1 of 6 additional rewards. The table below indicates the rewards you can receive when you defeat him:

How many troops do you need to defeat Fafnir?

Though you can fight Fafnir with any troops, it is suggested that you use mounted troops. It will be beneficial if you select 1 700 000 Tier 13 troops with a General of your highest ranking.

The General should be wearing the best mounted gear you have in order to be equipped to kill the boss. It is noteworthy that this method will cause a few of your troops to become wounded.

If you want to play it safe with a less wounded march, you can use 1 600 000 Tier 14 units led by the best mounted General in your collection.

Team set up

The table below indicates some of the team set ups you can use in the fight against Fafnir. It shows which tier the units have to be, how many units you need, how many will be wounded, and which General is the best.

Troop tier Number of troops Number of wounded troops General
12 1 2000 000 35 000 Ulysses S. Grant
13 856 000 22 000 Roland
13 1 250 000 24 000 Elektra
13 1 600 000 0 Martinus
13 1 650 000 55 000 Elektra

Final thoughts

In Evony: The King’s Return, the mobile game, you can assume the role of a lord or lady. It is based on the classic video game, Evony, so you may experience similar gameplay, content, and storylines.

It takes place in a fictitious world during medieval times, where you can enjoy exciting role-playing elements. Players can also take control of an alliance or city to become a powerful monarch.

The game features various levels, puzzles and activities for you to enjoy. You will have to face and defeat Fafnir, one of the most powerful bosses in the game, when you reach level 13. Once you have defeated him, you will receive various rewards.

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