Evony: Expedition to Egypt

During Evony’s Expedition to Egypt event you have to follow Napoleon and destroy Fortress Pyramids to earn rich rewards.

Evony: The King’s Return takes place in the medieval time period during which you have to assume the role of a lord or lady.

It is up to you to build your empire from the ground up by harvesting resources, recruiting Generals, training troops and defeating monsters on the world map.

Expedition to Egypt

Evony regularly collaborates with real-life movies to introduce new content to the game.

To celebrate the arrival of the new Napoleon movie, Evony released several Napoleon-based events that you can participate in, however, you can also recruit Napoleon as one of your Generals.

One of these new events is Expedition to Egypt and it invites Monarchs to follow Napoleon as his army embarks on a journey to Egypt.

While the event is active, players have to destroy Fortress Pyramids on the world map to earn rich rewards.

Evony: Expedition to Egypt
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You have to destroy the Fortress Pyramids to earn Expedition Points, but the higher the level of the pyramid you destroy, the more points you will earn.

When you have destroyed the pyramid it will drop treasures. Players can claim these treasures to get Expedition Points and rare item rewards.


You can purchase the Expedition to Egypt Support Package to receive a Telescope. Players can use their Telescopes to locate the coordinates of a Hidden Fortress Pyramid and destroy it to earn Expedition Points.

Unlike the Fortress Pyramids which spawn on the world map, only you or your Alliance members can attack the Hidden Fortress Pyramids.

This means that only you or your Alliance members can claim the treasures dropped after its destruction.

Can you start a rally for the Fortress Pyramids?

Similarly to some of the other monsters on the world map, you can start a rally for the Fortress Pyramids.

When you participate in a rally, the points will be distributed based on the proportion of troop power sent by each member.

This essentially means that the higher your troop power is, the more points you will earn. However, every rally participant will also get extra points once the Fortress Pyramid is destroyed.

Every Evony player will have 10 chances to challenge the Fortress Pyramids every day, however, attacking or initiating a rally will consume challenge chances whereas  participating in a rally will not consume challenge chances.


The number of points you earn determines the rewards that you will earn. Although the rewards are essentially the same, the amount of rewards you earn will be determined by your position on the leaderboard.

You can expect the following rewards:

  • Napoleon Gold Coin
  • Gems
  • Alliance Honor
  • Alliance Points
  • Senior Resources Chests
  • Speedups
  • Dragon Source Fragments
  • Tactic Scrolls
  • Treasure Boxes

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