Evony: Elven Forest

Evony recently released a new Elven Forest for Helen, however, only some servers can unlock the new content

As you progress in Evony: The King’s Return, you will unlock Champions, and if you increase their loyalty, you will gain a range of bonuses and buffs.

Evony recently released additional Champion skins and scenes for some of the Champions that you can unlock.

One of the Champions that you can unlock is Helen and she currently has 3 skins and 2 scenes.

If you unlock the Skins, you will unlock additional buffs for your army, however, by unlocking a scene, you will alter the appearance of the area that Helen stands in.

Evony: Elven Forest
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Helen’s general area contains a room with a bright red couch, a dresser in the left corner as well as a bed in the right corner. Most Monarchs have this scene unlocked, but you can now unlock an Elven Forest scene for Helen.

To view the scene, you have to open Helen’s profile by clicking on the “Champion” section of your keep. Players can then select the “Champion Skin” tab on the right side of Helen’s menu before clicking on the “Scenes” category.

The Elven Forest Scene places Helen in a Forest that features a fairy and a deer surrounded by a mysterious forest. Unfortunately, players will not receive any bonuses or buffs by unlocking this scene.

On the official Discord server, several Monarchs have shared their opinions about the new skins and scenes.

According to a player named Buggywar, the scenes are the most useless item in Evony as you will get no benefit by unlocking them.

Skin bonuses

Players will receive an array of bonuses by unlocking additional skins for their Champions. The following table outlines some of the buffs that you will earn:

Skin Description
Queen of Sparta (Helen)
  • Own to activate: Hospital Capacity is increased by 5%
  • Use to activate: In-City Ranged Troop and Siege Machine Attack increased by 5%
Goddess of Spring and Flowers
  • Own to activate: Reinforcing Ranged Troop and Siege Machine Health Points increased by 10%
  • Use to activate: March Size Capacity increased by 2%
  • Use to activate: Marching Ranged Troop attack increased by 5%


Since the release of the Elven Forest scene and the new Champion skins, Monarchs have found that some Evony servers have access to these new items, new packages and new events while others are unable to find these new items in the game.

If you are playing Evony on one of the servers that do not have access to the new content, you will not be able to unlock the Elven Forest scene. It is unknown when Evony will release the new content on all the servers.

However, we recommend that you check your in-game mail and the Event Center regularly to see when your server will have access to the new items.

How to unlock the Elven Forest

If you can access the new content, you will notice a new package in the Store. If you purchase this package, you will be able to unlock the new Elven Package scene. Keep in mind though that you have to purchase this pack with real money.

This unfortunately means that if you are not willing to spend real money in Evony, you will not be able to unlock the Elven Forest for Helen.

That being said, the Elven Forest cannot be applied to other Champions, as it was designed and released for Helen.

Monarchs should note that it is not mandatory to purchase the package to progress in the game. You can progress in Evony normally without unlocking the Elven Forest.

Will the Elven Forest unlock buffs?

As previously explained, the Elven Forest scene will not provide your army with any buffs or bonuses. However, on the official Discord server, several players suspect that Evony will add bonuses and buffs to the Elven Forest in the future.

That being said, Evony has not announced that the scene will receive any buffs. We recommend that you keep an eye on the official Evony news to know if the Elven Forest scene will get any buffs or bonuses.

We believe that if Evony is planning to add buffs to the scene, it will only be after all the servers have access to the new content.

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