Evony: Eleanor vs Elise

Eleanor and Elise are powerful Generals that you can acquire in Evony, and players are curious to know how the two characters compare.

Players can build a kingdom from scratch in this thrilling mobile game, Evony: The King’s Return.

As the lord or lady of your keep, you have to recruit Generals, train troops, explore relics, destroy enemies and harvest resources to grow your empire. You can also occasionally enjoy in-game events such as Victory Praise.

By participating in this event, you increase your chances of acquiring Eleanor or Elise. Now players are curious to know how these powerful Generals compare.

Evony: Triumphal Celebration

There are several events that you can enjoy in Evony, but at the time of writing this, players can participate in the Triumphal Celebration event. It consists of several small sub-events, each of which has unique objectives and tasks.

You can enjoy Triumphal Parade, Victory Praise, Tone Poem of Voyager, Song of the Siren and Kingdom Collection.

Some players will only devote their time to 1 of these events, however, we suggest that you participate in all of them. This is because every event offers gamers unique rewards that cannot be acquired elsewhere in the game.

Evony: Eleanor vs Elise

Victory Praise is one of the many sub-events in the Triumphal Celebration. If you participate in this event, there is a chance that you could acquire Eleanor or Elise from the Sea and Night General Chest.

Evony: Eleanor vs Elise
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Since Eleanor and Elise are both extremely powerful Generals, players are curious to know how they compare. The following table lists Eleanor’s statistics:

Eleanor’s Statistics Base Growth Rate
Politics 108 8.67 percent
Attack 115 8.95 percent
Defense 123 9.01 percent
Leadership 116 8.72 percent

While Elise’s statistics are as follows:

Elise’ Statistics Base Growth Rate
Politics 113 8.26 percent
Attack 114 9.11 percent
Defense 112 8.88 percent
Leadership 119 9.13 percent

It is clear that Elise has higher Politics and Leadership while Eleanor’s Defense and Attack are higher. However, their statistics increase every time they reach a new level. The amount by which the statistic increases is the growth rate amount.

Elise’s Leadership, and Attack growth rate are higher than Eleanor’s, whereas Eleanor’s Defense and Politics growth rate is higher than Elise’s.

Even though their statistical amounts differ, they can both go through the enhancement process to increase their statistical growth rate.

According to their statistics, Eleanor is a great option for defense as this is her highest statistic with the highest growth rate. Elise, on the other hand, is an excellent leader, which increases sub-city training speed, troop health points and march speed.


Elise and Eleanor both have powerful abilities which focus on different aspects of Evony. Their skills are outlined below:

Elise Eleanor
  • Ground Troop Assault: Ground troop health points and attack are both increased by 10 percent
  • Formation: Ground Troop and Mounted Troop Attack are increased by 10 percent
  • Ground Troop Ares: Ground Troop attack, health points and defense are increased by 10 percent each
  • Dragontamer: Ground Troop attack and health points are increased by 30 percent, but this only activates when a dragon is assigned to Elise
  • Ranged Troop Formation: Increases Ranged Troop attack and defense by 10 percent each
  • Bash: Ranged Troop and Siege Machine Attack are increased by 10 percent
  • Ranged Troop Ares: Ranged Troop attack, health points and defense are each increased by 10 percent
  • Battle of Siren Island: Increases attacking Siege Machine and Ranged Troop attack by 40 percent.

Eleanor vs Elise: Who is better?

Although you cannot decide which General you will get from the Sea and Night General Chest, several players have wondered which General is better, Elise or Eleanor. It is noteworthy that both Generals are excellent in their respective roles.

Eleanor is a powerful ranged PvP General with one of the highest Ranged Troop attack and defense buffs in Evony.

Her special skill, Great Captainness, increases ranged troop attack and defense by 35 percent and march size is increased by 10 percent when she leads the army to an attack.

Elise is regarded as one of the best ground PvP Generals in the game as she has amazing health point buffs for ground troops. However, 30 percent of this health point buff comes from her final specialty. She may thus only suit heavy spenders.

The choice between Eleanor and Elise will be determined by your current needs. If you need a ranged PvP General, Eleanor is best, but if you require a powerful ground PvP general, Elise is a better fit.

How to acquire a Sea and Night General Chest

In order to procure Eleanor or Elise, you need to collect a Sea and Night General Chest. Players therefore have to collect Golden Laurel Leaves, which can be obtained by vanquishing monsters, harvesting resources or purchasing event packages.

Once you have a Golden Laurel Leaf, you can consume it to earn a reward. Players will only have a 0.5 percent chance of obtaining a Sea and Night General Chest.

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