Evony: Edward Teach

Edward Teach is a powerful General in Evony, but you should only use him for siege machine and ranged troop attacks.

Evony: The King’s Return is a thrilling video game that invites players to build an empire from scratch.

As the lord or lady of a keep, you can recruit Generals, destroy enemies, train troops and harvest resources. One of the Generals that you can acquire is Edward Teach.

Evony: Edward Teach

Edward Teach is one of the most famous pirates and is known for his uncommon boldness and personal courage. Similarly to other Generals, Edward features 4 unique statistics that can  influence your gameplay substantially:

Statistic Base Growth rate
Politics 108 8.65 percent
Attack 119 9.01 percent
Defense 117 9 percent
Leadership 117 8.71 percent

Every time you increase Edward’s level, his statistics will improve. The amount by which the statistics increase is  the growth rate. However, players can also increase Edward’s statistics through cultivation and enhancing processes.

The cultivation process requires gold and gems, while enhancing requires gold and medals. Cultivation increases a statistic by 500 points, but enhancement increases Edward’s star level, which, in turn, increases his statistics.

Keep in mind that Edward has to be a specific level for you to increase his star level. To increase his star level to 5, he has to be at level 22.

Evony: Edward Teach
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Edward’s skills

Edward’s skills and abilities determine the activities in which he specializes:

Skill Description
Siege machine formation Siege machine attack and defense are increased by 10 percent each.
Bash Ranged troop and siege machine attacks are increased by 10 percent.
Siege machine Ares Siege machine attack, health points and defense are increased by 10 percent each.
Blackbeard Siege machine attack is increased by 35 percent, and ranged troop and siege machine health points are increased by 25 percent.

Edward’s special skill

Edward’s special skill is always active, so you do not have to activate it when you are in a battle. Queen Anne’s Revenge increases siege machine attack and defense by 30 percent when he is leading the army.

However, this skill also increases ranged troops and siege machine attack by 10 percent when a dragon or a spiritual beast is assigned to him.

Hence, you will receive additional bonuses when Edward is equipped with any dragon or spiritual beast.

How to procure Edward

Evony players can recruit Edward from the tavern, but it is noteworthy that he costs approximately 60 000 000 gold. Since the tavern rotates Generals regularly, Edward may not be available.

So it is advisable that you keep an eye on the tavern to see when he is available. Alternatively, you can use your in-game currencies to rotate the available Generals.

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