Evony: Drinking Fountain

Players can acquire the Drinking Fountain, which unlocks bonuses, by participating in Evony’s Wheel of Past Secret Valuable Event

Evony: The King’s Return is a thrilling video game that takes place in medieval times. As the lord or lady of a kingdom, you have to construct buildings, recruit Generals, slay monsters, train troops and explore a world map.

One of the buildings that you can unlock is Ideal Land, which contains the Drinking Fountain.

Evony: Drinking Fountain

Evony recently received a major update, which introduced many new features to the game. One of the new buildings is the Ideal Land, though only players level 12 and higher can unlock it.

Once you build your Ideal Land, you have to remove the rubble and place ornaments in the land to restore the ruins to its former glory.

One of the limited collections that you can place in your Ideal Land is the Drinking Fountain. Players can access this item by opening their inventory and selecting the “Collections” tab.

You then have to click on the “Limited” category to view the Drinking Fountain. You will earn bonuses if you place the Drinking Fountain in your Ideal Land.

At level 10, your march size capacity is increased by 5000 points while ground troop and mounted troop health points are increased by 6 percent. Moreover, your ground troop and mounted troop attack are increased by 3 percent.

Evony: Drinking Fountain
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How to acquire the Drinking Fountain

To acquire the Drinking Fountain, players must participate in the Wheel of Past Secret Valuable Event.

All players will receive 1 free spin daily, but you can purchase additional spins if you want to. Players can use Lion Statues to spin the event wheel and earn rewards.

That being said, the rewards are offered in limited quantities. You have a 0.16 percent chance of receiving the Drinking Fountain if you participate in this event, however, the Drinking Fountain is guaranteed after spinning 640 times.

How to procure Lion Statues

Evony players can procure Lion Statues to spin in the Wheel of Past Secret event by purchasing event packages.

The Uruk Rare Package offers players 30 Lion Statues, amongst other items, and costs approximately $11.29. the Uruk Epic Package costs approximately $112,87 and yields 300 Lion Statues.

Although purchasing a package is completely optional, there is a bigger chance that you obtain the Drinking Fountain if you do, as you will have more Lion Statues.

Limited Collections

In addition to the Drinking Fountain, you can acquire the following Limited Collections:

Collection Description
  • March Size Capacity is increased by 50000
  • Ground troop and mounted troop defense is increased by 6 percent
  • Ground troop and mounted troop attack is increased by 3 percent
  • Increases all resources’ gathering speeds by 5 percent

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