Evony: Desert Bandit

During Evony’s Quest of Treasure event, you can encounter Desert Bandits by sending your troops to discover treasures.

In this adventurous video game, Evony: The King’s Return, players can assume the role of a lady or lord of an empire.

Since the game is set in medieval times, you have to recruit Generals, train troops, vanquish monsters and harvest resources.

You can also participate in a variety of events, such as the Quest of Treasure event, during which you may encounter Desert Bandits.

In-game events

Several events are active simultaneously, but keep in mind that every event has unique objectives that you have to complete.

The following table lists some of the current active events that you can enjoy:

Event name Description
The Silk Road Players must complete quests to earn traded goods. You can use these traded goods to redeem rewards.
Viking Challenge You have to challenge Vikings on the map to earn rich rewards.
Joyful Harvest If you complete event quests, you can claim amazing rewards.
Revenge of Ymir During the event, you can kill Ymir on the world map to get a score and earn rewards.

Evony: Desert Bandit

In addition to the events listed in the table, players can participate in the Quest for Treasure event. During this event, there is a possibility that you could find the Desert Bandit and if you defeat it, you will earn rich rewards.

Evony: Desert Bandit
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Since it is an event boss, it is extremely powerful, so you may need to train your strongest troops to vanquish it.

One Evony player recently revealed that the best way to defeat the Desert Bandit is to ask an Alliance member or a friend with T14 troops to set up camp near the boss and then attack it.

Unlike other event bosses, the Desert Bandit cannot be found on the world map by simply searching for it. To find this boss, you have to destroy boss monsters on the world map and they will drop Ancient Treasure Maps.

You can use the map to get treasure coordinates and players must send troops to the coordinates to collect rewards.

While searching for the treasures, there is a chance that your troops will encounter the Desert Bandit. If you defeat the enemy, you will obtain additional rewards.

There is a chance that players could earn King Solomon’s Treasure Clue Fragments by defeating the Desert Bandits. Once you have enough Fragments, you can compose King’s Solomon’s Treasure reward.

You therefore have to conquer enemies on the world map, obtain coordinates and search for treasures to find the Desert Bandits.

Desert Bandit drops

There are different levels of Desert Bandits that you can encounter during the event. All Desert Bandits essentially drop the same rewards, as they all have the same drop rate.

However, the higher the level of the Desert Bandit that you defeat, the more of the specific the rewards you will receive.

For instance, a level-1 Desert Bandit has a 66.66 percent chance of dropping 25 1-hour Speedups, however, a level-3 Desert Bandit has a 66.66 percent chance of dropping 60 1-hour Speedups. In addition to the Speedups, you could get the following:

  • Senior Resources Chest
  • Gold
  • Treasure Clue Fragment I
  • Treasure Clue Fragment II
  • Treasure Clue Fragment III

Personal Rewards

During the event, personal and Alliance rewards can be earned. The more rewards you receive from treasures and Desert Bandits, the more personal points you will earn.

When you have accumulated enough points, you can unlock personal point rewards. The number of points you earn determines your place on the leaderboard.

Although players will essentially receive the same rewards, the quantity of the rewards differ for every rank. If you reach the top ranks of the leaderboard, you will receive the following rewards:

  • Desert Palace Castle Decoration
  • Gems
  • Alliance Honor
  • Alliance Points
  • Senior Resources Chest
  • Dragon Source Fragment
  • 1-Hour Speedup for Healing
  • Art Treasure Scroll Chest
  • Tactic Scrolls
  • Treasure Box

Alliance Ranking Rewards

Evony players in Alliances can earn rich rewards when the Alliance reaches the top positions of the leaderboard.

Similarly to the personal rewards, Alliances will essentially receive the same rewards, but the number of rewards you receive depends on the Alliances’ rank.

If your Alliance reaches the top positions of the leaderboard, you will receive the following:

  • Gems
  • Alliance Honor
  • Alliance Points
  • Medium Resources Chest
  • 1-Hour Speedup for Construction
  • 1-Hour Speedup for Researching
  • Dragon Source Fragment
  • 200 000 Gold
  • Treasure Boxes

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