Evony: Desert Bandit Level 10

If you defeat a level 10 Desert Bandit in Evony’s Quest for Treasure event, you will receive the most rewards, but it is a difficult fight.

Evony: The King’s Return is an adventurous video game that takes place in medieval times. As the lord or the lady of a keep, you have to train troops, recruit Generals, vanquish monsters and harvest resources.

One of the monsters that you can encounter is the level 10 Desert Bandit.

Quest for Treasure

There are numerous events in Evony, one of which is Quest for Treasure. During this event, you have to defeat Boss Monsters on the world map for a chance to get an Ancient Treasure Map.

By using this map, you reveal the treasure’s coordinates, but you have to send troops to the coordinates to search for the treasure. While searching for the treasure, you may encounter a unique enemy called Desert Bandits.

If you manage to defeat this enemy, you will be rewarded with additional rewards There is also a chance that Monarchs could earn King Solomon’s Clue Fragments by vanquishing a Desert Bandit.

When you have collected enough fragments, you can compose King’s Solomon’s Treasure reward.

Evony: Desert Bandit Level 10

Similarly to other bosses in Evony, the Desert Bandit has varying levels. This means that while searching for treasures, you can come across a level-1 Desert Bandit, which is quite easy to defeat.

However, you can also encounter a level-10 Desert Bandit, which some players have mentioned is a very powerful monster.

Evony: Desert Bandit Level 10
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A level-10 Desert Bandit has approximately 289 million power, which means that you have to send your strongest troops to battle.

Unfortunately, several players have been unsuccessful in defeating this enemy, but one Evony player has discovered a glitch which allows you to win the battle with ease.

When you find a level-10 Desert Bandit, we recommend that you select one of the tiles surrounding the enemy and choose the “camp” option.

You will then be able to select your General, Assistant General as well as the troops that you want to use for the fight.

Your army will then set up camp on the tile you selected and once the camp is set up, you can select the level-10 Desert Bandit and tap on the “attack” icon. When you click the attack button, you will see what your winning odds are.

If your chances of winning are low, we recommend that you train your troops or bring additional troops to the fight to increase your chances of winning.

Level 10 Desert Bandit rewards

Players should note that the higher the level of the Desert Bandit you defeat, the more rewards you will earn. This means that if you defeat a level-10 Desert Bandit, you will receive the most rewards, since this is the highest available level.

If you manage to defeat a level-10 Desert Bandit, you will earn the rewards listed below:

Item name Drop Chance Quantity
Super Resource Chest 66.66 percent 4
Super Resource Chest 66.66 percent 8
3-hour Speedup 66.66 percent 40
3-hour Speedup 66.66 percent 50
1 Million Gold 66.66 percent 5
1 Million Gold 66.66 percent 6
Treasure Clue Fragment I 10 percent 1
Treasure Clue Fragment II 10 percent 1
Treasure Clue Fragment III 10 percent 1

Will the level-10 Desert Bandits be removed from Evony?

The Desert Bandits are part of the Quest for Treasure event and when this event concludes, the boss monsters will be removed from the game.

The event will conclude on Friday, 29 September 2023, which means that you only have a few hours left to destroy the level-10 Desert Bandits.

At the time of writing this, it is unknown whether the Desert Bandits will return to Evony or not. However, there are several other Event Monsters that you can vanquish on the world map to earn rewards.

Monarch ranking rewards

If you defeat Desert Bandits and explore treasures, you will accumulate points, which determines your position on the Monarch Leaderboard.

Players will essentially receive the same rewards, however, the quantity of the rewards differ for every rank.

That being said, only the top 5 players will receive the Desert Palace castle decoration.

When you activate it, your keep’s appearance on the map will change, but gamers should bear in mind that this decoration will only remain active for 14 days.

In addition to the Desert Palace castle decoration, you can earn Gems, Alliance Honor, Alliance Points and Senior Resource Chest.

Furthermore, Evony players will receive Dragon Source Fragments, a 1-hour Speedup for healing, Art Treasure Scroll Chests, Tactic Scroll and Treasure Boxes.

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