Evony: Crown of Coronation

You can exchange Napoleon’s Cannons for Crowns of Coronation in Evony and use them to acquire valuable items

In Evony: The King’s Return players can assume the role of a lady or a lord of an empire in the medieval time period.

It is up to you to train troops, harvest resources, construct buildings, recruit Generals, explore relics and scout other players’ keeps.

Crown of Coronation

In addition to expanding your empire, you can participate in various in-game events. Currently, there are numerous Napoleon-based events that players can enjoy, such as Napoleon’s Journey.

While this event is active, you can earn Napoleon Cannons by destroying monsters or gathering resources on the world map.

Evony: Crown of Coronation
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Once you have 100 Cannons, you will earn 1 Crown of Coronation, which can be exchanged for rich rewards in Napoleon’s Treasures.

Keep in mind, though, that you can only acquire 100 Napoleon Cannons on a daily basis, which means that you can acquire 1 Crown of Coronation daily.

There are numerous items to choose from in Napoleon’s Treasure. Some items require a certain amount of Silver or Gold, Napoleon Coins, while others can only be redeemed with Crowns of Coronation.


Once you have a Crown of Coronation, you can head to the Redeem menu of the Napoleon’s Treasure event. The following table lists the items that you can redeem with the Crowns:

Item Description
Guillotine of the Revolution Square When you use this item, there is a chance that you will receive speed ups and Epic Historic General Fragments.
Legion of Honour This French Legion of Honour can be used to win rewards in the Imperial Lion event. This item will disappear when the event concludes.
Conquest Chest If you open this chest, you will earn Merit Jades, Glory Golden Twigs and Blood of Ares.
Emperor’s Crown Monarchs can use it to gain 3 days of Emperor’s Crown Decoration.

Server contributions

On the Napoleon’s Journey event menu, you can find your personal remains, All Servers’ Contributions and how many Cannons you have procured from monsters or resource spots.

When the All Servers Contributions of Napoleon Cannons reach a certain number, Napoleon will advance to the next battle point.

Monarchs can click on the battle point to learn and read about the glorious moments that Napoleon experienced during this campaign.

We recommend that you regularly check his journey because for every battle point he reaches, you will receive rich rewards.

When does Napoleon’s Journey conclude?

Evony players should note that Napoleon’s Journey will conclude in 6 days, which means that you have until Monday, 11 December 2023 to use their Crowns of Coronations to earn rewards.

All event items and event activities will be removed from the game when the event concludes.

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