Evony: Crazy Eggs

Players can open Crazy Eggs during a Consumable event in Evony, but they first have to acquire hammers.

Evony: The King’s Return is a thrilling mobile game that invites you to assume the role of a lord or a lady in medieval times.

The game is based on the well-renowned video game, Evony, and therefore, you are likely to experience the same gameplay and mechanics in both games. As the player, it is your responsibility to build an empire while defending your keep.

In addition to completing quests, you can harvest resources, defeat world bosses, explore relics, and construct buildings among other things.

The game occasionally hosts events for players. One of the events in Evony is the Super Value Consuming event, which has several mini-events, including Crazy Eggs.

Super Value Consuming event

During a consuming event, you can earn rewards for using a certain number of resources or speed-ups. There are several Consuming events, which form part of a rotation.

This means that the 7 consuming events are not active simultaneously. Instead, players can participate in a specific consuming event for a certain number of days before the next event begins. There are 3 major rotations in Evony, and each rotation proceeds simultaneously.

It is advisable that you save your resources and speedups for when a consuming event is active. This method maximizes the rewards that you can earn.

Evony: Crazy Eggs

Players can enjoy the Crazy Eggs mini event during the Super Value Consuming event. For the Crazy Eggs event, you have to collect hammers, which are used to break open eggs. The eggs contain rewards, which can influence your gameplay directly.

Evony: Crazy Eggs
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The event occurs during every Consuming Return event and is active for 10 days. The event always commences on a Friday, 8:00 server time and concludes 10 days later, which is generally a Monday, 8:00 server time. This cycle repeats itself 4 days later, the following Friday.

In order to open the Crazy Eggs, you have to collect hammers. There are many methods that you can try to acquire a hammer. Players can attack normal bosses, event monsters and boss monsters, as they may drop a hammer.

You can also procure a hammer by collecting resources or purchase a hammer from the in-game shop for 200 Gems.

After acquiring hammers, you can start cracking Crazy Eggs. The more eggs you open, the greater the rewards will be.

There are 4 levels of Crazy Eggs that can be opened, but each level requires a specific number of hammers to be opened. The number of hammers that you need to crack open an egg is:

Egg name Quantity hammers required
Princess Lucy 3
James Bowie 6
Isabella 8
Minamoto no Yoshitsune 12

Your rewards are determined by the egg you opened. However, you will generally earn between 3 and 4 rewards for opening an egg. Once you have opened an egg, you have to wait some time before you can open another.

Evony: Crazy Eggs
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Egg activation

Although you can only earn 3 or 4 rewards from an egg, there are 5 possible rewards for each egg. Once you have all 5 rewards for an egg, it activates, and you will get additional rewards.

If all 4 eggs are activated, players will get an additional bonus reward. It is therefore a good idea to save your hammers until you have enough to activate all 4 eggs simultaneously.

Keep in mind that it can often take more than 2 attempts to activate an egg, since the rewards after each crack are a random selection of the 5 possible rewards.

Egg rewards

Players have to get all 5 possible rewards from an egg before it becomes active. The rewards for the normal and activated versions of the egg are:

Egg name Normal rewards Activated rewards
Princess Lucy
  • 4 x 200 gems
  • 4 x 100 000 Monarch Experience points
  • 4 x Advanced city teleporters
  • 4 x 500 000 Chips
  • 4 x 500 000 Food Boxes
  • 18 x 5000 General Experience points
  • 40 x 10 minute speed-ups
  • 40 x 30 minute speed-ups
  • 16 x 50 000 Food Boxes
  • 16 x 50 000 Lumber Boxes
  • 16 x 50 000 Ore Boxes
  • 16 x 50 000 Stone Boxes
James Bowie
  • 4 x 100 Stamina
  • 120 Refining Stones
  • 4 x 8 hour Healing speed-ups
  • 4 x Advance 1 hour Health point increase
  • 20 Magic Artwork Chests
  • 6 Dragon Crystals
  • 60 x 5 minute speed-ups
  • 40 Minutes 10 min speed-ups
  • 18 x 50 000 food boxes
  • 18 x 50 000 Lumber Boxes
  • 18 x 50 000 Stone Boxes
  • 18 x 50 000 Ore Boxes
  • 12 x 100 000 gold
  • 4 x arrest warrants
  • 20 x 100 000 lumber boxes
  • 4 x Advanced 1 hour defence increase
  • 8 x Pharaoh’s Treasure
  • 16 x 100 000 gold
  • 2 x Advanced City Teleport
  • 60 x 5 minute speed-ups
  • 40 x 10 minute speed-ups
  • 22 x 50 000 Food boxes
  • 22 x 50 000 ore boxes
  • 22 x 50 000 lumber boxes
  • 22 x 50 000 stone boxes
Minamoto no Yoshitsune
  • 4 x 1000 Gems
  • 160 x 1 hour training
  • 4 x advance march speed-ups
  • 4 x Persia King’s Treasures
  • 4 x Advance 1 hour attack increase
  • 16 x 100 000 gold
  • 16 Research Stones
  • 100 x 5 minute speedups
  • 40 x 10 minute speed-ups
  • 30 x 30 minute speed-ups
  • 26 x 50 000 food boxes
  • 26 x 50 000 ore boxes
  • 26 x 50 000 lumber boxes
  • 26 x 50 000 stone boxes

Crazy Egg event tips

Allegedly, the boss monsters have the best drop rate for hammers. However, players can quickly clear a low level resource spot to get a hammer very easily.

If you do not use all your hammers in an Evony event, it/they will be saved and can be used during the next event.

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