Evony: Council of State Generals

Evony players can assign any General to their Council of State as long as they correspond to the unlocked troop type to receive buffs.

You can build your own kingdom in this exhilarating mobile game, Evony: The King’s Return. The developers recently released update K45, which introduced several new aspects to the game.

Players can now assign Generals in their Council of State, though some want to know which Generals to use.

Evony: Council of State Generals

Players level 32 and higher can construct the Council of State building within their keep.

This building allows you to appoint Generals to specific titles to unlock buffs and bonuses. Keep in mind that you can only assign 5-star Generals and higher.

Some players want to know which Generals they should assign to their Council of State building. When you open the building, you will notice 3 different titles, each of which has a section for a ground, mounted, ranged and siege General.

You should therefore select a ranged, mounted, siege and ground General to assign to each of the sections.

In theory, it does not matter which General you choose, as it does not alter the buffs that you receive. You will not receive better buffs if you assign a rarer General.

Players can select the Generals that they do not use at all, increase their star-rating and assign them to the Council of State building.

Evony: Council of State Generals
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How to increase a General’s star-rating

To increase a General’s star-rating, you have to enhance them, which requires gold and medals. Players must increase their selected Generals to a 5 star level before they assign them to the Council of State.

Keep in mind that your Generals have to be at a specific level before star level increases can be done:

General level Star level Medals Gold
5 1 40 1 million
10 2 120 2 million
14 3 300 4 million
18 4 800 8 million
22 5 2000 15 million

How to unlock all the troop types

When you construct the Council of State, you will notice that only the ground troop section is unlocked. Evony players must upgrade the building to unlock additional troop types.

Keep in mind that upgrading the building has several requirements that you must meet. The requirements may include another building of a certain level and a specific number of resources.

Glory Golden Twig and Merit Jade

The Glory Golden Twig is used to upgrade the position level and title grades of the Generals assigned to the building while the Merit Jade can be used to upgrade the position level.

Both of these items can be acquired from the 80 and 110 activity chest and by vanquishing monsters and the world map.

As you upgrade the Generals’ position levels and title grades, you will receive additional bonuses and buffs.

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