Evony: Clash of Civilizations

During Evony’s Clash of Civilizations event you have to occupy Order of Dawn buildings and defeat Shadow of Dawn monsters to earn event scores

You can participate in a variety of events to earn rewards in Evony: The King’s Return. Keep in mind that every event has unique objectives to complete before you will be rewarded for your efforts. One of these events is Clash of Civilizations.

This event consists of 2 phases, namely Clash of Civilizations – Assault and Clash of Civilizations. The Clash of Civilizations – Assault takes place on your server and while it is active, you have to gain as many scores as possible.

Evony: Clash of Civilizations
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You have to place in the top 25 players in your server to qualify for the second stage of the event, Clash of Civilizations.

This phase of the event puts 8 servers together on a battlefield under unique rules. The battle will last approximately 2 hours, however, there is a 5 minute grace period at the start of the battle.

There are some unique twists compared to a typical battlefield, which includes a 15-minute truce agreement at the beginning of the battle. If you qualify for the Clash of Civilizations event, you can enter the battlefield at the allocated start time.

All members will have a 5 minute grace period in their respective Safe Zones. Every server on the battlefield will have five buildings to begin with, however, there are numerous neutral buildings scattered around the map.

You can occupy the neutral or enemy buildings to earn battlefield scores. To procure additional event scores, you can defeat the Order of Dawn buildings, which will also provide your server with various buffs.

Order of Dawn buildings

The Order of Dawn buildings will provide your server with amazing buffs when defeated. The following table lists the buildings that you can defeat on the Clash of Civilizations battlefield:

Building Buffs
Dawn Temple Completing defeating this building will heal 30 percent of wounded troops of the whole server. It will also increase the whole server’s attack, defense and HP by 150 percent for 10 minutes.
Dawn Sanctuary If you defeat this building, it will heal 20 percent of wounded troops of the entire server. The server will also get a 100 percent increase in attack, defense and HP for 5 minutes.
Solar Eclipse Stronghold Players who completely defeat it will increase the March Size by 150 percent for 10 minutes.
Lunar Eclipse Stronghold If you defeat this building, you will increase the Rally Capacity by 50 percent for 10 minutes.

Additional Buffs

In addition to the buffs mentioned in the table, you can acquire 3 additional buffs, namely Solar Light, Lunar Sight and the Auxiliary buff.

These buffs can have unique effects, however, they can only be acquired by destroying a Shadow of Dawn boss or monster on the world map.

The table below outlines the buffs’ effects:

Buff Effects
Solar Sight Increases the attacking troops’ attack, defense and health points by 300 percent, respectively. When you have the buff, you can only send out 1 army to destroy a boss or monster.
Lunar Sight This buff increases defending troops’ attack, defense and health points by 300 percent. However, you can only send out 1 army when you have the buff.
Auxiliary Buff At regular intervals, all players will get this buff. When you have this buff, you will receive troops in a certain proportion to your current troop amount.

How to earn scores in Clash of Civilizations – Assault

As previously explained, players must place in the top 25 players during the Clash of Civilizations – Assault event to enter the Clash of Civilizations event. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to score points.

Monarchs can defeat Shadow of Dawn forces, which can be found across the map and range from level 1 to level 10. These monsters are quite easy to kill, so you can attack and defeat the monsters alone.

Furthermore, you can attack and occupy one of the Order of the Dawn buildings to earn event scores. Allegedly, there is a current bug which prevents players from occupying the buildings.

We recommend that you rally the buildings and then solo until the last hit before rallying again to occupy the buildings.

Clash of Civilizations Scores

Evony players who participate in the Clash of Civilizations event have to procure event scores to win the battle. The following table lists how many event scores you can earn:

Monster Score
Level 1 Shadow of Dawn monster 10
Level 2 Shadow of Dawn monster 12
Level 3 Shadow of Dawn monster 14
Level 4 Shadow of Dawn monster 16
Level 5 Shadow of Dawn monster 18
Shadow of Dawn Zombie 200
Shadow of Dawn Centaur 220
Shadow of Dawn Werewolf 240
Shadow of Dawn Yasha 260
Shadow of Dawn Phoenix 400

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