Evony: Can I change Server

Evony players are able to change servers, however, there are a few requirements that have to be met before you can migrate.

Evony: The King’s Return players have the opportunity to choose the server that they want to play the game on when they first start playing Evony.

However, because of server fights, drama and arguments, several players are interested in changing servers.

Fortunately, everyone will receive 2 “Server Migration Tokens” when they create an Evony account, and these tokens allow you to change servers. However, your account has to be less than 3 days old, and your Keep level must be below 6.

This essentially means that mid-game and endgame players cannot change servers, even if they have a Server Migration Token in their inventory.

If you meet these requirements, you have to open the map on which you can find resource nodes and monsters.

In the bottom left corner, you can open the world map, and if you click on it, you can view all the servers in Evony. A server’s name, current King and its server number will be displayed on the server list.

Evony: Can I change Server
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Keep in mind, however, that most of these servers have already reached the maximum capacity of players.

Once you have found a server that you want to join, you can enter the server and simply select an empty tile to move your entire empire to the new server.

Losing resources

Before you change servers, you should note that you will only save up to 2 million of each resource when you move. This includes the resource items in your inventory.

Since only players below level 6 can change servers, you will not lose too many resources as you are still in the early phases of the game.

Moreover, all unclaimed items in your in-game mail will be removed. We therefore recommend that you claim the items before confirming the migration.

How to change servers as a mid-game player

Unfortunately, if your Keep is higher than level 6, you cannot change servers, even if you have a Server Migration Token in your inventory.

The only thing that can change about your current server is if Evony decides to do a server merge with another server.

This usually only happens when a server does not have a lot of active players. Evony then combines 2 servers to create a new server.

However, players cannot select the server they want to merge with and it is unknown when Evony will perform another server merge.

Which server should you choose?

If you meet the server change requirements, it can be quite difficult to choose the server that you want to migrate to.

Most players will select a server randomly without knowing anyone on the server. We therefore recommend that if you have a friend that also plays Evony, you move to their server.

If you do not have a friend that also enjoys the game, you can simply choose any server based on your personal preference.

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