Evony: Brick Hammers

During one of Evony’s events, players can obtain Brick Hammers, and it is needed to break Crazy Eggs, which contains various rewards.

Evony is a popular Adobe Flash-based multiplayer online video game. It takes place in a persistent world during the medieval time period. Players thus assume the role of either a lord or a lady of an alliance or a city.

The game features player-versus-player gameplay, which makes it possible to attack another player’s city.

It is important to note that new players are given a beginners protection buff. This prevents other players from attacking their cities or alliances for a total of seven days. In this time, it is recommended that players upgrade their town hall to level five.

If the town hall is upgraded to level five or higher before the protection period is over, it will be cancelled. The protection buff also gives players the opportunity to gather resources and troops. Additionally, players can get to know the gameplay and mechanics before others can attack them.

There are various resources in the game, including food, gold, lumber and stone. However, there are also iron and the city’s idle population. Similar to other games in this genre, players first have to increase the city’s population and the hourly resource production rate.

Additionally, they need to upgrade the construction of buildings in the city. They can then start building resources fields of their city and build an army.

The army can consist of foot troops, such as swordsmen, warriors and archers. Players can also add catapults, battering rams and ballistae to their army.

In the game, players can control up to 10 different cities by gaining titles. To obtain a title, a specific rank is required. However, both the title and rank require medals, which are gained by medal boxes.

These boxes can be purchased using the in-game currency, or by attacking valleys. Players can also obtain them from spinning the wheel.

In-game currency

The game has two different monetary systems in place. The first system revolves around gold, which can be obtained by completing quests or by taxing the city’s population. It can also be obtained by attacking non-player characters’ (NPCs) cities and alliances.

The other system focuses on gems. It can be obtained by purchasing it with real-life money, through the item in-game shop or win it at the wheel.

Players can purchase rare items and resources from the in-game shop using gems. Some of the items have the ability to accelerate the players’ progression through the game.

It is important to note that players do not have to purchase all the items they need. This means that they can receive various items from exploring the fantasy world. One of the items players can obtain is the Brick Hammer.

Evony: Brick Hammers

How to collect Brick Hammers

One of the ways players can collect Brick Hammers is by defeating enemies and bosses. They should remember that even low-level bosses and enemies can drop the item.

It is thus recommended that they go to the edge of the map and focus on the lower-level bosses. However, they can also obtain the item by gathering resources.

The following table indicates the level, monster, number of fights and the number of hammers players can receive:

Level Enemy Number of fights Amount of Brick Hammers
1 Zombie 10 7 Hammers
2 Redcap 10 2 Hammers
3 Centaur 9 5 Hammers
4 Skeleton Dragon 14 4 Hammers
5 Werewolf 12 7 Hammers
6 Manticore 10 6 Hammers
7 Yasha 10 7 Hammers
8 Peryton 10 6 Hammers

Why players should collect the Brick Hammers

It is recommended that players collect the Brick Hammers as they are used to break open the Crazy Eggs.

It is an additional event which occurs during the super value consuming event. During the event, players can obtain special rewards when they smash the Crazy Eggs.

It is important to note that there is a cooldown for smashing the eggs. Players thus have to wait for a specific time period before they can break another egg. They should also remember that there are four different types of the Crazy Eggs. The four types are:

  • Lucky Egg
  • James Bowie Egg
  • Minamoto no Yoshitsune Egg
  • Isabelle I Egg

If players manage to break all four eggs, they will receive additional rewards.

Crazy Egg rewards

The following table indicates which rewards players can receive for breaking the eggs:

Lucky Egg James Bowie Egg Minamoto no Yoshitsune Egg Isabelle I Egg
200 Gems Stamina 1000 Gems 3 times 100 000 Gold
10 000 Monarch Experience Points 30 Refining Stones 40 one-hour speedup for training Arrest Warrant
500 Chips 10 Magic Artwork Chests Troop March speedup 5 lumber boxes
500 000 food boxes 8 hours speedup for Healing Persia Kings Treasure One Hour Defence Increase
  One-hour health increase One-hour attack increase Pharaohs Treasure


Evony is a popular player-versus-player online video game. The game invites players to take on the role of either a lady or a lord of an alliance, or a city.

In Evony, players can purchase items using gold or gems. However, they can also receive items by defeating monsters and other enemies.

One of the items players can loot is Brick Hammers. It is able to break open Crazy Eggs, which is an additional event that occurs during the super value consuming event. They will receive various rewards when they manage to break one of the Crazy Eggs.

It is an additional event, which occurs during the super value consuming event. During the event, players can obtain special rewards when they smash the Crazy Eggs.

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