Evony: Blood of Ares

In Evony, players can upgrade their Generals using various methods, one of which is Ascension, however, this requires Blood of Ares.

Players are invited to assume the role of a lady or a lord in the adventurous mobile game, Evony: The King’s Return. The objective of this game is to build an empire from the ground up so that you can become a powerful ruler.

As the game’s name suggests, it is based on the popular video game, Evony, which means that you will likely experience similar features in both games.

There are various activities and events that you can enjoy in the game, but you first have to acquire Generals. Some of these features will be blocked initially, but you will gain access to them when you have met the requirements to do so.


The game has more than 10 Generals that you can acquire and play with. Generals are your empire’s leaders; they control and lead your troops when you send them off for a march.

This means that every time you send your troops out to attack enemies, or simply to gather resources, a General can accompany them.

Furthermore, you can assign a General as the Mayor of the Subordinate City, but then they will not be able to travel with your troops. Instead, they will provide benefits to your keep and to the Subordinate City.

Evony: Blood of Ares

Although there are a variety of Generals to choose from, every General can be upgraded, which will increase their effects and statistics. There are various methods available to upgrade a General, such as offering them experiencing scrolls, going through the enhancing process, and cultivating their statistics.

Evony: Blood of Ares
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The game’s developer, Evony, occasionally introduces new content and features to keep players engaged and interested in the game. They recently added Ascension, a new General upgrading system.

It is worth noting that the General you want to awaken must be on a decent level. In other words, they should not be on a base level. Furthermore, the General has to be at a maximum star level, which means that you have to max out his or her star level before you can start the awakening process.

Once you have met the requirements, you can go to the enhanced section of the General’s profile to find the Ascension menu. To awaken a General, players need to procure a certain number of Fragments and Blood of Ares. The number of resources needed for Ascension increases with every stage.

Blood of Ares is a new material needed for General Ascending, and players allegedly need to farm high quantities of it in order to upgrade their Generals. Fortunately, there are numerous methods you can use to acquire Blood of Ares. Players can get 7 Blood of Ares daily.

Methods to acquire Blood of Ares

The table below highlights all the methods you can use to obtain a Blood of Ares, and the quantity you can receive daily:

Method Number of Blood of Ares
Completing 145 daily activities 1
Killing level 3 or above event monsters, or level 11 or above Boss monsters 3
Exploring Relics 2
Gathering at level 13 or above resource locations 1

It is noteworthy that players have a chance to acquire Blood of Ares using the above-mentioned methods. There is thus no guarantee that you will receive them, however, the chances are quite high.

Daily tasks

Daily tasks are specific activities that you have to complete within a day to receive the maximum benefits. Every time you complete a task, you can receive gems, gold, gear, speed upgrades, and resources, amongst other things.

Once you have completed 145 daily tasks, you will be rewarded with a Blood of Ares. Even though it is a slow process, it is advisable that you complete these tasks every day.

Not only do you get additional in-game items for completing them, but you have a chance to obtain a resource needed for General Ascending.


Relics are a specific tile on the map where players can find different types of treasures. To find a Relic, you have to procure a treasure map, which is dropped by monsters and world bosses. Once you have a map you can use it to locate the Relic.

Evony: Blood of Ares
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Keep in mind that Relics are public tiles, which means that they can be attacked and occupied by other players on the server. Thus, it is recommended that you use powerful troops while you are occupying a Relic, as you could be attacked by stronger players.

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