Evony: Blazon

Your troops in Evony can be equipped with Blazons to receive various buffs, but each troop type can only equip 1 type of Blazon at a time.

In this tactical mobile game, Evony: The King’s Return, players assume the role of a lord or a lady in medieval times. As the game is based on the well-renowned video game, Evony, chances are, you will encounter similar gameplay and mechanics in both games.

The objective of this game is to build an empire from the ground up, however, you can enjoy a range of other activities. Players can complete quests, gather resources, construct buildings, and recruit troops to defend your keep.

Evony, the game’s developer, recently introduced the blazon feature, which can only be applied to your troops.

Troop types

There are currently 4 troop types in Evony, namely ranged, mounted, ground, and siege machines. Each troop type has unique strengths and weaknesses, which are:

Troop type Description
Siege They deal massive amounts of damage, but they are expensive to repair
Ground Their high defence and health point statistics makes them perfect for defeating ranged troops. Unfortunately, they are vulnerable to mounted troops
Ranged Ranged troops are very effective against mounted troops, but their damage output is quite low
Mounted These troops’ high attacks defeat ground troops easily, but their low health points and defence leave them vulnerable to ranged troops

Evony: Blazon

In September 2022, Evony introduced the Blazon feature, with various buffs to specific troop types. However, you have to equip your troops with Blazon before you can benefit from these buffs.

Blazons can be upgraded by consuming other Blazons to infuse and to acquire a random additional attribute at level 10 and level 15. So, you can consume a Blazon to increase the power of another Blazon. This means that the buffs that the Blazon provides will be upgraded.

Evony: Blazon
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Players can get Blazon chests during the in-game event, Skull Island Adventure. However, you first have to defeat Mire Squids. Thereafter, you can open your inventory to find the Blazon chests.

There are various levels of the Blazon chests, and each one determines your reward. However, the Blazon you get is randomly generated. Players cannot choose which Blazon they want.

In your inventory, a new Blazon tab will list all the Blazons that you have collected. It is important to note that you can only hold 500 Blazons in your inventory. Any Blazon that you collect after reaching the maximum limit will be wasted.

Like equipment sets in Evony, Blazon has set attributes. This means that specific attributes activate when you equip 2, 4, or 6 of the same Blazon.

Mire hunting

For this event, you have to hunt a Mire Squid, which deals in the lake legion of Skull Island. Players can earn chests as rewards for killing the squid. Keep in mind that every chest that you receive contains different items, determined by the level of the chest.

The higher the level of the chest is, the more valuable the rewards are. It is noteworthy that the Blazon chest is not part of the event rewards, but it is a separate chest that you receive after defeating a Mire Squid.

During this event, you can collect a maximum of 6 Blazon chests daily.

Different types of Blazon

There are currently more than 5 Blazons that you can acquire in Evony, each of which has unique buffs and effects. The effects of each Blazon are:

Blazon name Effects Troops that should use the Blazon
  • Increases marching mounted troop attack by 0.7 percent
  • Increases mounted troop training capacity by 0.6 percent
Mounted troops
  • Reinforces ranged troop health points by 0.9 percent
  • Increases range troop training capacity by 0.6 percent
Ranged troops
  • Reinforces mounted troop attack by 0.9 percent
  • Increases mounted troop attack by 0.7 percent
Mounted troops
  • Increases ranged troops attack on monsters by 1 percent
  • Increases range troop training capacity by 0.6 percent
Ranged troops
  • Increases ground troop defence by 0.6 percent
  • Reinforces group troop defence by 0.9 percent
Ground troops
  • Reinforces ground troop attack by 0.9 percent
  • Ground troop attack is increased by 1 percent
Ground troops
  • Increases siege machine load by 0.6 percent
Siege machines
  • Increases siege machine load by 0.6 percent
  • Reinforces siege machine health point by 0.9 percent
Siege machines

When does Blazon unlock?

Unfortunately, the Blazon feature only unlocks when the troop’s building reaches level 8. Once unlocked, open the Blazon menu and equip varying types of Blazon to a specific troop type.

Bear in mind that each troop type can only be equipped with 1 Blazon type at a time.

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  1. The attributes of a blazon are random too. Same type might have different attributes, not just what you’ve listed. Be careful choosing which ones you upgrade.


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