Evony: Best Assistant General

There is no Assistant General in Evony that stands out from the rest, however, there are some essential combinations that all players should have.

In this tactical mobile game, Evony: The King’s Return, players can assume the role of either a lord or a lady in medieval times. Since the game is based on the classic video game, Evony, you will likely experience similar gameplay and content in both games.

The objective of this game is to build a kingdom from the ground up, and there are various other activities you can enjoy. Gamers can join an Alliance, gather resources, construct different types of buildings, and recruit troops among other things.

However, before you can take part in these features, you have to procure Generals, who are the leaders of your empire. The game recently introduced Assistant Generals, who will essentially aid the Generals.

Assistant Generals

Assistant Generals are used to provide your main General with special skills, skill books, and specialities. It is alleged that Assistant Generals can be used in a variety of scenarios, including a rally, which is an Alliance-exclusive activity.

If you join a rally or you commence a rally, you will discover that you can select 2 Generals, one of which is the main General and the other, the Assistant General.

You can change which Assistant General you use by simply clicking on the tab, and you can remove the General entirely by selecting the small red icon in the top right corner.

Evony: Best Assistant General

It is worth keeping in mind that an Assistant General cannot function without a main General, which means that you always have to allocate 2 Generals before starting an activity.

Apparently, there are no Assistant Generals that are considered the best, or better than others. Instead, there are certain combinations of Generals that are regarded as more important than others.

Evony: Best Assistant General
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Based on testing, the following combinations are essential for all Evony players:

Main General Assistant General Effect
A wall General of your choice or preference Shajar This combination ensures that your keep is defended and that you receive in-city resource bonuses.
Boss General Boss Debuff General This combination significantly reduces the quantity of troops that are wounded troops in battle.
Baibars or Cleopatra Nathanael Greene This combination offers you a double drop and you benefit from reduced stamina.
Debuff General Debuff General This combination is particularly helpful when you are attempting to defeat high level bosses.

Can players use Assistant Generals in the player-versus-player gaming mode?

You can assign an Assistant General to aid your main General in various activities and gaming modes, including the player-versus-player (PvP) mode. It is alleged that an Assistant General provides a buff to main Generals when they compete against other players.

The following table is an example of the buff increase players can expect when they assign an Assistant General to a main General:

Without an Assistant General assigned With an Assistant General assigned
Attack: 603 percent Attack: 628 percent
Defence: 422 percent Defence: 422 percent
Health Points: 428 percent Health Points: 438 percent

It can be said that Assistant Generals work extremely well when they can provide buffs to 2 troop types. For this reason, players should carefully consider which General they want to assign as the Assistant General before they commence a battle.

Assistant General mechanics

Before players can assign an Assistant General, there are a few crucial things they should take into account. Only main Generals with level 20 and Star level 3, or higher, can have an Assistant General.

Basic attributes, specialities, skills, special skills, ascending attributes, Spirit Beast, and equipment of the main Generals are fully effective. However, the basic attributes of Assistant Generals will not take effect.

If the Assistant General’s special skills are the same as the main General’s special skills, the Assistant’s special skills do not take effect. Moreover, an Assistant General’s ascending attributes will also not take effect in this case. It is thus only their special skills, skill books, and specialities that activate.

Can players assign a Dragon to an Assistant General?

The in-game description of Assistant Generals states that they still need to equip dragon to activate corresponding buffs. Some players have noticed that the Assistant’s Dragon icon is greyed out when they try to assign a Dragon to an Assistant.

This has caused some confusion, as it is unclear whether the Dragon’s buffs are active or not. Recent testing revealed that Assistant Generals provide more buffs with a Dragon slotted. This means that even if the Dragon may be greyed out, the buffs still do apply.

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