Evony: Battle of Toulon Tactics

To be successful in Evony’s Battle of Toulon, Alliances should follow certain strategies and use specific tactics to earn scores

In Evony: The King’s Return, you can recruit famous historical Generals to help with battles and city development.

As a Monarch of an empire, you have to train troops, harvest resources, defeat monsters and explore relics to discover treasures.

Battle of Toulon Tactics

There are numerous battles that you can join as you progress in Evony, one of which is the Battle of Toulon. To be successful in this battle, Monarchs must formulate a strategy and use certain tactics to destroy their opponents.

Evony: Battle of Toulon Tactics
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When the battle begins, you have to complete certain objectives in order to earn scores. When the battle concludes, the Alliance with the highest score will win the battle and amazing rewards.

There are different activities that you can complete to earn scores, however, we recommend that you complete the activities that will reward you with the most points.

That being said, you should consider your troops’ power before deciding which activity you should complete.

For instance, if you kill 1 million level 16 troops, you will be rewarded with 177.8 scores, but your troops may not be strong enough to defeat vanquish 16 troops.

However, your troops can defeat level 8 troops, which will reward you with 51.1 scores. You should therefore consider your troop and Alliance’s power before deciding on your tactics.

If your troops are not powerful enough to conquer level 16 enemies, you can always occupy certain buildings on the battlefield to earn additional scores.

However, if you are able to defeat level 16 enemies, we recommend that you only focus on vanquishing those opponents, as the scores you earn for occupying buildings are quite low compared to the scores that you earn for defeating enemies

Defeating troops scores

The level of the troops that you defeat determines the amount of scores you will earn. If your Alliance is only able to defeat low-level troops, we recommend that you focus more on occupying buildings.

However, if your Alliance can defeat high-level troops, you will earn the following scores:

Level Scores
16 177.8
15 155.3
14 133.3
13 115.6
12 100
11 84.4
10 71.1
9 60
8 51.1
7 42.2
6 33.3
5 24.2
4 17.8
3 11.1
2 6.7
1 2.2

Occupying buildings

If your Alliance struggles to destroy the opponent’s enemies, you may choose to focus on occupying buildings on the battlefield for as long as possible instead.

The scores that you can earn if you occupy a building are as follows:

Building name Description
Blessing Tower This building can increase your Alliance’s attack and defense by 20 percent when occupied, and you will earn 16 scores if you occupy it for 1 minute
Knight’s Hall Alliances can occupy it to let the Knights attack your opponent every 3 minutes, but if you occupy it for 1 minute, you will earn 32 scores.
Battlefield Hospital If you occupy this building, your Alliance’s healing speed will be increased by 60 percent, and you will get 16 scores.
Crystal Mine If you occupy 1 of the 8 Crystal Mines on the map for 1 minute, you will receive 16 scores.
Fort Toulon This building can be found in the center of the battlefield. If you occupy it for 1 minute, you will earn 80 scores.


If you use the above-mentioned tactics, there is a chance that your Alliance will win the battle and you will earn rewards.

However, you can earn additional rewards based on your personal scores. We therefore recommend that you attempt to earn the highest number of scores in your Alliance.

If you earn the most scores, you will earn the following rewards:

  • Tactic Scrolls
  • Dragon Source Fragments
  • Runestone Chest
  • Toulon Chests (Gold, Speedup, Resources and Gems)
  • Ultimate War Treasures
  • Badges


There are certain requirements that must be met to participate in the Battle of Toulon. Before you sign up, your Alliance has to be at least 15 days old and part of the top 20 Alliances in the server.

Keep in mind that only the R4 and R5 of your Alliance can sign up for the battle.

During the sign-up process, the R4 and R5 can select up to 20 members to participate in the battle, but the members have to be in the Alliance for at least 3 days and their Keep must be level 15.

This essentially means that Evony players without an Alliance cannot sign up or participate in the battle.

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