Evony: Battle of Austerlitz

Evony’s Battle of Chalons was recently replaced by the Battle of Austerlitz and it invites Alliances to accumulate as many scores as possible to earn rewards

Evony: The King’s Return is an adventurous video game that invites players to assume the role of a lord or lady in medieval times.

You can expand your empire by constructing buildings, training troops, recruiting Generals and harvesting resources on the world map.

Battle of Austerlitz

There are numerous activities in Evony, including quests, defeating enemies on the world map, collecting art treasures and decorating your ideal land. If you select your Battlefield building, you will notice the Battle of Austerlitz icon.

Evony: Battle of Austerlitz
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Allegedly, players can currently enjoy the exclusive battlefield for Napoleon Collaboration and during the Battle of Austerlitz event, replaced the Battle of Chalons.

The Battle of Austerlitz consists of several continents, but the ranking of each continent of Battle of Toulon Season and Battle of Austerlitz will be settled separately.

The Battle of Toulon is also known as the Battle of Austerlitz qualifier, which means that your Battle of Toulon rank will determine the league you will enter for the Battle of Austerlitz.

Alliances in the Major League will automatically be signed up for the Battle of Austerlitz, while Alliances in the Elite League and the Junior League must sign up manually.

The R4 and the R5 of each Alliance can select up to 25 members to join them on the battlefield.

However, participating members have to be in the Alliance for at least 3 days and their Keeps have to be level 15 before sign up time.


In order to join the Battle of Austerlitz, you have to excel during the Battle of Toulon. The rank that you achieve during that activity will determine the league your Alliance is in for the Battle of Austerlitz.

The leagues that you can enter are listed below:

Alliance Position Leagues
Top 256 Alliances Major League
Top 257- 1280 Alliances Elite League
Top 1281 + Alliances Junior League

Although there are different Leagues, the mechanics and the principles of the Battle of Austerlitz remain the same.

The Leagues were implemented to ensure that very powerful Alliances cannot compete against weaker Alliances.

What happens after sign-up?

After signing up, Alliances will be matched with 3 opponents from their league.

Keep in mind that rankings will be determined based on scores, so if your Alliance is not matched with any opponents, all participants will receive first place rewards.

The battle will last for 2 hours and in this time, you have to score as many points as possible. You need to use your own teleport items, or Gems, to teleport on the Battlefield.

Honor Ranking Stage

Monarchs should note that the Honor Ranking stage consists of 4 rounds of battle. Alliances will be ranked based on the Honor that they earn in this stage.

In every battle, the first place Alliance earns 5 Honors, while the second place earns 3 Honors, and third place earns 1 Honor.

Alliances that earn the same amount of Honor will be ranked based on their scores. Only the top 64 Alliances in the Major League after the Honor Ranking Stage will advance to the Promotion stage, Semifinal and Final stage.

The Alliances that advance to these stages will automatically be signed up, but the R4 and R5 members must select Alliance members to participate in battle. Unfortunately, Alliances in the Junior and Elite League will not advance.

Score Rules

While the Battle of Austerlitz is active, you can earn scores by killing troops and monsters, and you can also occupy buildings to earn points.

The table below itemizes the amount of scores you can earn by occupying a building:

Building Scores
Portal You have to occupy it for 1 minute to earn 16 scores.
Battlefield Hospital Occupying it  will increase the whole Alliance’s healing speed by 60 percent. You will also earn 16 scores if you occupy this building for 1 minute.
Blessing Tower Alliances can earn 16 scores by occupying the building for 1 minute. However, you will also increase the entire Alliance’s attack and defense by 20 percent if you occupy this building.
March Tower You can occupy this tower to increase all allies’ march speed by 50 percent. If you occupy it for 1 minute, you will earn 16 scores.

 Monster scores

In addition to defeating your opponent’s troops, you can score points by defeating monsters. There are 3 types of monsters in the Battle of Austerlitz; the ultimate Boss is in the center of the map and resets every 15 minutes.

The other 3 bosses are in the central area, and they refresh every 10 minutes while the small bosses refresh every 5 minutes.

Keep in mind that the boss that you defeat determines the scores you will earn. For instance, defeating a Skeleton Dragon in Evony will earn you 1 score, but defeating a Phoenix will earn you 35 scores.

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