Evony: Ban Chao skill book

In Evony, skill books can offer your Generals various bonuses and benefits, but it is recommended that you do not use a skill book on Ban Chao.

Evony: The King’s Return invites players to assume the role of a lady or a lord in the medieval era to build an empire from the ground up.

This mobile game is based on the well-renowned video game, Evony, so you will likely experience similar content, mechanics, and features in both versions of the game.

There is an array of activities and occasional events you can enjoy in the game, but you first have to procure some Generals. Generals are an essential component in the game. Each General, such as Ban Chao, has a unique skill, and they can learn additional skills through Skill Books.

Ban Chao

Ban Chao is an Epic General in The King’s Return, and you can purchase him in the Tavern for approximately 40 000 000 gold. In addition to having a special skill, Ban Chao also has numerous specialities.

His skill, Western Regions, reduces enemy mounted troops’ attack by 20 percent and increases your city’s ranged troops’ attack by 20 percent when he is in the Archer Tower Office.

It is worth noting that Ban Chao’s specialities can only be unlocked when he reaches level 22. These specialities can be quite expensive to upgrade, as they require Runestones and Gems.

Evony: Ban Chao skill book
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Evony: Ban Chao skill book

Evony skill books are extremely useful items that come in handy for both novice and veteran players. These books are used to enhance your Generals and to unlock additional skills. Skill books come in 4 levels, each of which has various specialisations.

Depending on the level and effect, the book can offer your Generals a range of buffs and bonuses. Players can add up to 3 skills to any General in the game, but keep in mind that the chance of success decreases with every skill.

The probability of a successful addition is 100 percent for the first skill, 50 percent for the second skill, and 25 percent for the third skill.

As stated previously, Ban Chao’s special effect only activates if he is allocated to the Archer’s Tower, which can be found within your keep. It can thus be said that he is a pure Duty General, and as such, there is no need to add skill books or equipment to him.

Skill books have no impact on Ban Chao while he is on duty at the Archer Tower, instead, you should focus on the cultivation process to improve his duty rank.

Cultivating Ban Chao

Cultivation is the process of spending gems and gold to increase a General’s statistics with a bonus amount. Each statistic can be increased by an additional 500 points through this process.

Players can use gold to increase the statistics to 300, but once they are above 300, gold cultivation no longer works. You will then be forced to use gems to increase the statistic up to 500.

It is worth noting that the cultivation process can only be done once you have procured Ban Chao. To begin the process, players can head to their General menu, which lists all of their collected characters.

Once you have found Ban Chao, you can select the Cultivate option, which is situated on the bottom of the screen. You can then complete the process using the gold or gems cultivate icons.

Ban Chao’s statistics

Every General in the game features 4 statistics, however, the quantity allocated to each differs. It is crucial to keep in mind that the General’s level, quality, and rarity determines his or her statistics. The table below lists Ban Chao’s statistics at varying levels, which are:

Statistic Level 1 with no stars Level 35 with 5-stars Fully cultivated level 35 with 5-stars Fully cultivated level 40 with 5-stars
Leadership 106 806 1306 1409
Attack 103 799 1299 1401
Defence 116 813 1313 1416
Politics 114 868 1368 1479

Ban Chao’s specialities

As previously mentioned, Ban Chao possesses various specialities, however, he will only get access to them once he has reached level 22. Ban Chao’s specialities can be described as follows:

Speciality Description
Ground Troop Assault It increases ground troop’s attack and health by 10 percent
Sabotage It decreases the enemy troop’s defence by 10 percent
Sage It increases the Archer Tower’s Attack by 90 percent
Guard the Western Regions This speciality decreases enemy mounter troop’s attack by 20 percent, while increasing Archer Tower’s attack by 100 percent

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