Evony: Badge of Honor

During Evony’s Imperial Ceremony event, you can earn Badges of Honor and they can be used to redeem a variety of items

Since Evony: The King’s Return is currently collaborating with the popular movie, Napoleon, you can enjoy an array of Napoleon-based activities. One of the events that you can participate in is the Imperial Ceremony.

During this event, you can use Napoleon Silver and Gold Coins to increase Ceremony Points. Once you have enough Ceremony Points, you will receive an abundance of rewards.

Monarchs can vanquish monsters from the world map and harvest resources to acquire Napoleon Silver Coins.

You can use your Napoleon Silver Coins to increase Ceremony Points and to procure Badges of Honor. You can use this unique currency to redeem a variety of items.

Napoleon Gold Coins, on the other hand, can be acquired by purchasing Event Packages.

After purchasing an Event Package, you can use your Gold Coins to increase Ceremony Points and earn Sword of Merit.

Players can use their Sword of Merit to redeem items in the event shop. This event therefore has a free and a paid route which allows you to redeem rewards.

It is worth noting that you do not have to unlock the paid route to enjoy the event. You can simply use your Napoleon Silver Coins to procure Badges of Honor, which can be exchanged for valuable items in the event menu.

Allegedly, players will receive 10 Napoleon Silver Coins and 10 Napoleon Gold Coins. Players can transform their coins into the corresponding items by clicking on the Green and Gold tabs in the event menu.

Redeem Shop

Gamers can use their Badges of Honor to redeem numerous items in the event shop. Every item has a specific redeem chance, which essentially means that you can only redeem the items a limited number of times.

Furthermore, every item in the shop costs a specific quantity of badges:

Item Required Badges of Honor
Exquisite Ball Mask 10
Guillotine of the Revolution Square 20
Smoothbore Flintlock 10
Smoothbore Cannon 10
Ramune 10
Water Balloon 5
Shave Ice 5
Gold Fish 25

Sword of Merit

Players who choose to unlock the paid path can redeem the above mentioned items, as well as a few valuable items.

Similarly to the items you can redeem with the Badges of Honor, the premium items also require a specific amount of Swords of Merits:

Item Required number of Sword of Merit
Marshal of the Empire – Suchet Skin 2500
Ceremony Music 500
Historic General 500 each
Blood Crystal 25
Merit Jade 5
Glory Golden Twig 6
Blood of Ares 5
Junior Blazon Chest 15
Art Treasure Scroll Chest 5
Refining Stone 5
Runestone Chest 5
Dragon Crystal 5
Material Bag (Silk Road) 25
Treasure Box 25
Research Stone 5
Source Of Life 5
Soul Crystal 15


In addition to redeeming items with your Badges of Honor, you can earn rewards by earning Ceremony Points. The more points you earn, the higher your rank will be, so you will receive more rewards.

It is noteworthy that every rank will essentially receive the same rewards, however, the quantity of the rewards differs for every rank. By accumulating Ceremony Points, you can earn the following rewards:

  • Invincible Army
  • Gems
  • Blood of Ares
  • Source of Life
  • Super Resource Chest
  • 1 million Gold
  • 5 Minute Speedup for Construction

Vanquishing enemies and harvesting resources

In order to earn Napoleon Silver Coins, you have to open the world map in order to vanquish enemies and harvest resources.

Evony players can therefore choose whether they want to send their troops to battle or to harvest resources.

Since there is a chance that you could lose a battle against a monster, several players have decided to send their troops to harvest resources instead.

If you want to follow this route, we recommend that you send a General who specializes in gathering resources along with troops that can carry the most materials.

Monarchs should keep in mind that there is a chance that they will not receive Napoleon Silver Coins for defeating a monster or by harvesting resources. This means that you may have to perform the activities several times to receive Silver Coins.

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