Evony: Attacking NPC Subordinate City

Players can acquire additional Subordinate Cities in Evony: The King’s Return by attacking Sub Cities which are controlled by non-player characters.

In this explorative video game, Evony: The King’s Return, you can assume the role of a lord or lady in medieval times. It is your responsibility to build an empire from scratch while vanquishing bosses, harvesting resources, and training troops.

While progressing in Evony, you may come across a non-player character (NPC) Subordinate City, which you can attack to earn rewards.

What is a Subordinate City?

When you reach a certain level in Evony, you will unlock the Subordinate City, which is also known as a Sub City, in your empire. This city can help you collect additional resources such as gold and materials.

Unlike your empire, you do not have to manage a Sub City, you can leave it to do its thing and it will continually upgrade its buildings and train troops. In addition to this, you will benefit from buffs across a number of aspects from your Sub City.

All players start with 1 Sub City, and you can gain additional Sub Cities as you advance in Evony.

Evony: Attacking NPC Subordinate City

The Sub City that you start with is the same as your current culture. When you change cultures, your Sub City will change as well.

The Sub City in your empire can never be taken by another player. Although many players are content with just 1 Sub City, many Evony players want to control other Sub Cities as well.

Evony: Attacking NPC Subordinate City
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To get more Sub Cities, you have to explore the world map. A Sub City can either be controlled by a non-player character, or by another player. In order to take control of an NPC Sub City, you have to attack them and win the battle.

However, you have to ensure that you have a free Sub City slot before you attack the NPC Sub City. If you do not have a free slot, you will not be able to attack the NPC.

The number of Sub-Cities that you can control is determined by your rank. The higher your Monarch’s rank is, the more Sub Cities you can control.

When you are deciding whether to attack an NPC Sub City or not, you have to check its power, defending troops, and the defending General.

You can see this by clicking on the Sub City on the world map. You can adjust your attack accordingly by looking at the troops.

If the NPC Sub City has a defending General, the General will be added to your collection once you have successfully captured the Sub City. Many Evony players use this method to expand their General collection instead of purchasing them in the Tavern.

How to adjust your troops

When looking at an NPC’s troops, you will see which troops the Sub City holds. The type of troop that the Sub City holds determines the troops that you should use for the attack. The troop system in Evony is as follows:

Troop type Description
Siege Siege Machines are strong against all troops, but they are expensive to build.
Ground Ground troops are efficient against ranged troops, but they are vulnerable against mounted troops.
Ranged Ranged troops can defeat mounted troops from a distance, however, they are inefficient against ground troops.
Mounted They can easily defeat ground troops, but they are vulnerable to ranged troops.

How many NPC Sub-Cities can you control?

As previously explained, the number of NPC Sub Cities that you can control depends on your Monarch’s rank. The higher the rank is, the more Sub Cities you can control. The table below lists the quantity of Sub Cities that you can control based on your rank:

Rank Number of Sub Cities
Knight 1
Baron 2
Viscount 3
Earl 4
Duke 5
Archduke 6
Regent 6

In addition to this, once you have reached Keep level 11, you are able to control 3 additional Sub Cities. Therefore, the current maximum of Sub Cities that you can hold through normal gameplay is 9.

Can you attack another player’s Sub City?

While looking for a Sub City on the map, you may discover that another player has already taken control of a City.

However, you can still attempt to take the City from another player. However, you should still consider the player’s power, troop type, General, and level.

If the player’s stats are higher than yours, you should  not attempt to defeat them as you are likely to lose the battle. However, if the player’s stats are lower than yours, you can try to take control of the Sub City.

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