Evony: Assistant Generals

Players can now allocate Assistant Generals to their marches in Evony, but their main General has to meet specific requirements for this.

Evony: The King’s Return is a popular mobile game that invites gamers to assume the role of a lord or lady in the medieval era. As the player, it is up to you to build an empire from the ground up and defend your keep.

Since the game is based on the classic video game, Evony, you can encounter similar mechanics and gameplay in both games. There are numerous activities and in-game events you can partake in, but it is advisable that you first recruit Generals.

However, players can now also recruit Assistant Generals, which can impact your gameplay substantially.

Why do you need Generals?

The Generals in Evony are an essential component in the game, as you use them in everything you do, including fighting, crafting, researching, and building. There are several Generals you can obtain, and each General has a unique role.

The better the General is, the more effective they will be at their role. Some Generals excel in the ranged player-versus-player (PvP) category, while others help you gather the most resources. It is crucial that you select the correct General before starting with an activity.

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Evony: Assistant Generals

The game’s developer, Evony, introduces new content, Generals, activities, and features to the game regularly to keep players interested. They recently introduced the new Assistant General system, which allows you to allocate an additional General to a troop march with a General that is already assigned.

When you use 2 Generals for a troop march, you will benefit from additional buffs. But there are 2 key requirements that have to be met before you can assign an Assistant General. The first requirement is that the main General must be of a high enough level to allow an assistant to join them.

Evony: Assistant Generals
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Before you can assign an Assistant General, the main General must at least be on level 20 and must have a star ranking of 3 or more. The other requirement is that the activity you are undertaking must allow Assistant Generals to accompany the main General.

An Assistant General can join a General in the following activities:

  • Capturing Relics
  • Gathering resources
  • Defending the wall
  • Reinforcing
  • Joining Alliance Rallies
  • Attacking common monsters
  • Defeating boss and event monsters
  • Player-versus-player attacks

If your main General meets these requirements, and you want to participate in the aforementioned activities, you can add your Assistant General to the march. If you are sending a march out of the city, you can start by selecting the army to send.

Initially players will see a General that is already assigned as an Assistant to their main General. However, you can change the selection by clicking on the Assistant General’s picture.

In the new menu, you can view a list of Generals from which to choose an Assistant General. You can remove the Assistant General by clicking on the red hyphen sign, which should be located near their picture.

Assistant General buffs

As mentioned before, you will benefit from both Generals’ buffs when you go on a march with a main and Assistant General. Whether or not the buff from the Assistant activates depends on the skills of the main General.

Keep in mind that there are certain factors of the Assistant General that never contribute to the march buffs. The following depends on the skills of the main General, but generally, you will benefit from:

  • Special skills
  • Skill Books
  • Specialities

When there is an overlap with the main General, these features do not activate. The overlap limit takes effect when:

  • The Assistant General’s Special Skill is the same as the main General’s Special Skill
  • The Assistant General’s Skill Books are the same as the main General’s Skill Books

Best Assistant Generals

It is important to note that the best Assistant General always depends on the Main General that you are using, as there may be restrictions. The table below lists the best Assistant Generals you can use:

Gaming mode Best Assisted Generals
  • Shimazu Yoshihiro
  • Gaius Marius
  • Princess Lucy
Wall Defence It is recommended that you choose an Assistant General from another troop type as your Wall Defence General
Defeating monsters
  • Baibars
  • Cleopatra
  • Nathanael Greene
  • Theodora

Recommended pairings

Even though you can use any Assistant General with any General, it is advisable that you use the following combinations:

Main General Assistant General
Hannibal Li Jing
Martinus Roland
Hannibal Washington
Martinus Hannibal

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