Evony: Archer Tower General

You can assign any General to the Archer’s Tower in Evony, however, Maurice of Nassau is allegedly the best Archer Tower General.

Evony: The King’s Return is a popular role-playing mobile game that invites players to build a kingdom in the medieval era. Since it is based on the classic video game, Evony, you are likely to experience similar gameplay and mechanics.

As a lord or lady, it is your responsibility to defend your kingdom, attack enemies, gather resources, and train troops. In your kingdom you can construct and upgrade various buildings, including stables, a hospital, a tower, and barracks, amongst others.

You are also responsible for the upgrading of your walls, which will prevent enemies from attacking your keep. Some buildings in your kingdom can have a General assigned to them, one of which is the Archer Tower.

Archer Tower

The Archer Tower is a fortified unit that consists of a tower built on top of the city’s wall. It provides a vantage point for archers to shoot nearby enemies from. Bear in mind that the height, or level of the wall determines the shooting range.

It also determines the effectiveness of the archer’s attacks. The actual number of archers in the city has no effect on the performance of an Archer Tower. To increase your tower’s power and damage, you have to increase your wall’s level.

Bear in mind that the construction time of the tower is determined by construction research and your hero’s politics skill.

Evony: Archer Tower General

To be a successful emperor and commander, players have to use troops. Although your troops can defeat an array of enemies, they will need a leader sooner or later. You can assign a General to your troops to increase their strength.

Generals specialise in varying tasks and troop types. It is thus advised that you carefully read through a General’s description before assigning them to a troop type. Archers are seen as the most important troops in Evony.

This is because they are good at dealing damage while protecting your keep. When an enemy attacks your keep, your archers can kill a large number of ground and cavalry troops. However, when you attack an enemy, the archers can cover the rear of your ground troops.

Despite these advantages, archers can be improved by assigning a General to them. There are several Generals that can be assigned as the Archer Tower General, however, it is alleged that Maurice of Nassau is the best tower General.

Evony: Archer Tower General
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This is because he is a pure Evony Duty General. Maurice reduces enemy ranged troops’ attack by 15 percent, while increasing your in-city ranged troops and siege machine’s attack by 20 percent. Bear in mind that this special skill only activates when he is the General of the Archer Tower.

Alternatively, you can use Ben Chao, who is also a pure Evony Duty General. He reduces enemy mounted troops’ attack by 20 percent and increases your in-city ranged troops’ attack by 20 percent when he is the Archer Tower General.

Alternative options

If you have not collected Maurice of Nassau, or Ben Chao, it is recommended that you use the following Generals as the Archer Tower General:

  Gwanggaeto the Great Vladimir the Great Winfield Scott
Skill · Siege attack and ranged attack by 20 percent · Ranged attack increased by 20 percent

· Enemy troop attack decreased by 10 percent

· Ranged attack increased by 20 percent

· All troop attack increased by 5 percent

Special boosts (you can only select 3) · Ranged attack increased by 30 percent

· Health increased by 10 percent

· Defence increased by 20 percent

· March size increased by 6 percent

· Ranged attack increased by 30 percent

· Health increased by 20 percent

· Siege attacked by 10 percent

· Defence increased by 10 percent

· Ranged attack by 20 percent

· Defence increased by 10 percent

· Siege attacked by 10 percent

· All troop attack increase by 6 percent

Do the Archer Tower Generals have builds?

Unlike other Generals in Evony, the Pure Duty Generals do not require additional skill books or equipment. This is because these items have an impact on the General when they are on duty at a building. Instead, you should focus on cultivation to improve their duty rank.

You can cultivate your Generals by spending gold and gems to increase their statistics with a bonus amount. Every statistic can be increased by an additional 500 points through this process.

How to acquire Generals

There are several methods you can use to acquire Generals in Evony, which are outlined below:

Method Description
Packs Players can purchase packs with real-life money to acquire additional Generals
Great General Chest You can open a chest from the Tavern after a cooldown or from an activity
Relics Players can acquire General tokens from Relics, which can be used to acquire a new General
Shop The battlefield building occasionally sells General chests
Wheel You have a chance to win a new General on the wheel of fortune
Tavern The tavern has numerous Generals available for you to recruit

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