Evony: Anti French Coalition

Evony’s Anti-French Coalition event invites players to unite and help Napoleon defeat unique enemies on the world map.

As the lord or lady of a keep in Evony: The King’s Return you have to recruit Generals, explore relics, scout other players’ keeps, vanquish monsters on the world map and train a range of troops.

Additionally, you can enjoy numerous events, one of which is The Legend of Napoleon.

Anti French Coalition

The Legend of Napoleon consists of numerous sub-events with unique objectives that you have to complete  to earn rewards. One of the sub-events that you can enjoy is Breakthrough! Anti-French Coalitions!

The event description reveals that the Anti-French Coalitions waged a war against Napoleon for over 20 years.

However, the first five resistances of the Anti-French Coalitions ended in failure under Napoleon’s leadership, and France became the dominant power in Europe.

Players now have to unite and help Napoleon defeat the Anti-French Coalitions to earn rich rewards.

To begin this event, you have to open the Legend of Napoleon event in the Event Center. The Anti-French Coalitions tab is  in the bottom right corner of the menu.

Evony: Anti French Coalition
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If you select it, you can click on the “Go” button, which will take you to the map where the Anti-French will spawn.

War Drum

If you explore the world map you will discover that you cannot find any Anti-French Coalitions as they only spawn under specific conditions. In order to summon an Anti-French Coalition near your main city, you must use a War Drum.

Monarchs can redeem a War Drum in Napoleon’s Treasure – Event Shop. To redeem this item, you need to procure 100 Silver Napoleon Coins, which can be procured from resource gathering and killing monsters on the world map.


If you successfully defeat Anti-French Coalitions on the world map, you will be rewarded generously. The rewards that you can earn are:

Item Description
Anti-French Coalitions Chest If you open this chest you can earn resource boxes, Purple Material Chests, speed-ups, Runestone Chests and Refining Stones.
Refining Stone Monarchs can use these stones to refine Equipment.
Spiritual Beast XP Use it to gain 5 000 Spiritual Beast XP.
Blood of Ares This is a necessary item for Generals to ascend.
Smoothbore Cannon Players can use this item to summon a cannon bastion above their city for 5 minutes.


As previously mentioned, you need Silver Napoleon Coins to redeem the War Drum, which you can use to summon an Anti-Coalition.

You can summon as many Anti-Coalitions in Evony as possible with your War Drums if you collect enough Silver Napoleon Coins.

However we recommend that you only fight them a few times, as there are various items that you can redeem with your Silver Napoleon Coins.

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