Evony: Alliance Monthly Card

The Alliance Monthly Card in Evony: The King’s Return offers players unique benefits, but they can only be purchased with real-life money.

In this strategic game, Evony: The King’s Return, players can assume the role of a lord or lady in medieval times. Since the game is based on the classic video game, Evony, you will probably experience the same dynamics and gameplay in both games.

The primary purpose in Evony is to build an empire to become a powerful monarch, however, you can also enjoy a range of activities and occasional in-game events.

You can defeat bosses, gather resources, join an Alliances, complete quests, and construct buildings in your keep. When you join an Alliance, you will get access to the Alliance store where you can purchase an Alliance Monthly Card.

Alliances in Evony

In most massively multiplayer role-playing video games, alliances are where teammates gather to hunt achievements and to make lifelong connections. The Alliances in Evony are no different.

An Alliance is a group of individual gamers who have come together for a common goal for which they have created a community in the game.

There are multiple Alliances in Evony, but you can only be a member of 1 Alliance. Once you are part of an Alliance, you can join the Alliance War, purchase items in the Alliance Store, and contribute to the Alliance Science feature, amongst other things.

Evony: Alliance Monthly Card

In order to access the Alliance Store, you have to become a member of an Alliance. To do so, you can click on the “Alliance” tab, where you will find a list of all the Alliances in your server. You can scroll the list to find an Alliance that is suited to your gameplay.

Once you have found an Alliance, you can apply to become a member of it. The Alliance leader will either accept or decline your application.

When you are a member of an Alliance, you can open the Alliance menu and click on “Alliance Shop” to view the items that are available for purchase.

Evony: Alliance Monthly Card
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Bear in mind that some items in the store can only be accessed if you have purchased the Alliance Monthly Card.

If you purchase the Alliance Monthly Card, you will instantly receive 5000 Gems, 2 000 VIP points, and 10 000 000 Alliance Points, which can be used to purchase items from the Alliance Store. Players can also claim 2 000 000 Alliance Points daily.

You will also obtain the right to purchase Monthly Card Items. Moreover, if you have the Monthly Card, your troops’ attack, defence, and health points are increased by 5 percent when you join or launch a rally.

You will also benefit from a 40 percent march speed increase when you send troops to fight monsters. Moreover, you will receive an Alliance Shop Discount during the Monthly Card Time.

What items can you purchase from the Monthly Card Items category?

You should keep in mind that the items in the “Monthly Card Items” category refresh daily. If you have the Alliance Monthly Card, it is advisable that you check the items regularly so that you do not miss out on amazing deals.

At the time of writing, you can purchase the following items from the Monthly Card Items category:

Item Cost
5 Tributes 20 000 Alliance Points
5 x 100 VIP Points 75 000 Alliance Points
100 Runestone Chests 600 000 Alliance Points
15 City Teleporters 225 000 Alliance Points
6 Historic General Fragments for Barbarossa 800 000 Alliance Points
6 Historic General Fragments for Carus 800 000 Alliance Points

How to purchase the Alliance Monthly Card

If you are interested in purchasing the Alliance Monthly Card, you have to open the Alliance Shop. In the upper right corner of the menu, you will find a small, blue icon and if you click on it, you will open the Alliance Monthly Card section.

In the new menu, you can discover which benefits you will get after purchasing the Card. The card costs approximately $23.60. To purchase it, you can click on the glowing green icon at the bottom of the menu.

Players then have to complete the purchase by inserting their credit or debit card information. Once the purchase is completed, you will get instant access to the Alliance Monthly Card section.

Is it mandatory to purchase the Alliance Monthly Card?

You should note that purchasing the Alliance Monthly Card is not mandatory, as it is not required to advance in Evony. However, it may help you progress faster than free-to-play players as it gives you exclusive access to unique items.

If you do not purchase the Alliance Monthly Card, you will still have access to the Alliance Daily Sale, however, these items will only unlock when you meet the necessary requirements.

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