Evony: Alliance Competition

The Alliance Competition in Evony requires players to complete various quests in order to earn points and rewards.

Gamers are invited to assume the role of a lady or a lord in this adventurous mobile game, Evony: The King’s Return. As its name suggests, the game is based on the classic game, Evony, and therefore, there is probably similar gameplay and mechanics in both games.

The purpose of the game is to build an empire from scratch , so that you can become a powerful monarch. As the player, you have to gather resources, train troops, and defeat enemies while defending your keep.

In addition to these activities, you can enjoy in-game events occasionally. There are various events you can enjoy, one of which is the Alliance Competition.

What is the purpose of an in-game event?

There are multiple role-playing games that host in-game events, and Evony is no different. In-game events allow players to experience a video game in a new and exciting way for a limited time period.

The purpose of an in-game event is to motivate players to engage with and enjoy the game even more. An event may also encourage you to play a game that you have not played in a while.

During an in-game event, you generally have to complete specific activities, missions, or objectives to earn rewards.

The items that you can get from an event can sometimes only be acquired from that specific event.

Evony: Alliance Competition

The Alliance Competition is a 7-day event during which alliances can complete quests to earn rewards. If you are part of an Alliance, your Alliance has to compete against other Alliances for glory and greater rewards.

Evony: Alliance Competition
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To access the event, click on the Event Center icon, which is situated in the upper right corner of the game’s main menu. In the Event menu, you will find a list of events, and you may need to scroll down to find the Alliance Competition event.

By clicking on the tab, you can find the quests that your alliance has to complete, as well as member and alliance rankings. You can select any quest from the list, but keep in mind that some quests have to be completed in a specific time to earn rewards.

Once you find a quest that you want to complete, click the “Accept” tab to take on the quest. Bear in mind that these quests have to be completed individually, and not by the entire Alliance.

After you have completed the quest, you have to open the Alliance Competition menu to hand it in and receive your rewards. You can then select the next quest.

If you do not want to complete the quest you accepted, you can click on the “Abandon” option. This will end the quest, and you will be free to select another quest.

Players have 15 chances to complete an Alliance Competition event quest, however, you can purchase additional chances if you wish to.

Which quests can you complete?

There is an array of quests that you can choose from during the Alliance Competition event. Some of the quests are much easier than others.

One quest may require that you claim 30 000 000 stones from resource fields within your keep, while another quest requires that you increase a building’s power by 400 000.

The quest difficulty determines the amount of points you earn. The more difficult the quest is to complete, the more points you will earn. If you acquire 3 million stones, you will get 140 points, but if you gather 15 million food from outside the city, you will only earn 60 points.

Evony: Alliance Competition
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Member ranking

The points you earn from collecting points determines your position in the member ranking system. The more points you procure, the higher your position will be.

By gaining points, you will pass the point threshold for the various levels of rewards. You can view your rewards bar at the top of the Alliance Competition event screen.

When you click on the reward icon, you can discover all the rewards that you can earn by passing certain checkpoints. At the highest level, you can earn 700 Research Stones, 145 Alliance Competition Chests, and 10 000 Gems.

Evony players can claim their rewards by clicking on the “Monarch Score Rewards” tab and scrolling down to the bottom of the menu.

Evony: Alliance Competition
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As previously stated, the chances that you have to complete quests are limited, so it is advisable that you focus your efforts on completing tasks that are doable. However, the quests you can do should still reward you with a decent number of points.

Moreover, you should complete quests that give higher points first. This is because these quests tend to be more difficult and they require more time to complete.

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