Evony: Alchemy Shop

Evony’s Alchemy Shop event requires that players complete Daily Activities to earn Molten Ore, which can be sold to redeem rewards.

Evony: The King’s Return is a thrilling video game that takes place in medieval times.

As the lady or lord of a keep, you have to complete quests, harvest resources, train troops, recruit Generals and defeat monsters on the world map.

Alchemy Shop event

In addition to expanding your kingdom, you can participate in an array of events, one of which is the Alchemy Shop.

During this event, you can claim the Molten Ore by reaching the specified Daily Activity points. You can sell Molten Ore in your own, or other players’ Alchemy shop.

After selling the resource, you will receive Alchemical Coins, which you can use to purchase items in the Alchemy Shop.

Keep in mind though that every player’s shop has a different daily purchase price for the Molten Ore. This means that you can visit other players’ shops for a chance to get a better price for your Molten Ore.

That being said, the price ranges from 20-60 so we recommend that you visit other players’ shops to find the best price.

When other Evony players sell their Molten Ore in your Alchemy Shop, you will receive approximately 6 percent of the selling price in Alchemical Coins.

However, the maximum daily amount of Alchemical Coins that you can earn from these transactions is 300. Monarchs should note that your shop can purchase up to 100 Molten Ores daily.

When the event ends in 7 days, all Alchemical Coins will be removed from Evony, so  you should use your Coins before Monday, 23 October 2023.

Evony: Alchemy Shop
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Daily Quests

On the Alchemy Shop event page, you will find a “Quests” tab, which lists the amount of Molten Ore that you will receive once you have reached specified Daily Activity points.

To acquire points, you have to complete the quests in the Activity menu of the Tavern. The following table lists some of the quests that you have to complete:

Activity Description
Resource Gathering Gather 500 000 resources from outside the city
Resource Collecting Collect 300 000 resources from resource fields in the city
Construction Build or upgrade buildings in the city
Research Research technologies
Troop Healing Heal 150 troops in the Main City


When you have accumulated enough Alchemical Coins, you can redeem rewards in the Alchemy Shop event page.

The table below lists some of the rewards that you can redeem:

Reward Description Alchemical Coins required
Castle Dracula Players can change the appearance of their castle on the world map 200 000
Blazing Fire You can use this item to get the Blazing Fire Avatar Frame 3000
Dual Attribute Blazon Chest If you open this chest, you will receive rich rewards 12 000
Dragon Source Fragment It is a necessary item to awaken Talents of Dragons and Sacred Dragons 150
Tactic Scroll This item allows players to research Tactics 400
Shave Ice You can use this item to freeze the City for 5 minutes 100
Historic General (Ludwig) Monarchs can use this item to get Epic Historic General Ludwig 40 000

How to sell your Molten Ore in other players’ Alchemy Shops

To sell your Molten Ore in other players’ Alchemy Shop, you have to open the event page by selecting the Event Center.

In the new menu, you will find the Visit icon on the left side of the screen. You can then select any of your friends to send them an application to visit their Alchemy Shop.

Furthermore, you can view your friends’ applications to visit your Alchemy Shop.

Keep in mind that your friends can decline your application though, which would mean that you are not allowed to visit their Alchemy Shop to sell your Molten Ore.

This also means that you can decline your friends’ applications to visit your Alchemy Shop.

Event Packages

If you complete Daily Activities, you can earn 9 Molten Ores, however, Evony players who are interested in obtaining additional Molten Ores, can purchase the Privilege Rewards pack.

If you purchase this pack, you will receive an additional 9 Molten Ores for completing the Daily Activities.

Keep in mind that this package costs approximately $11,38, but it is not mandatory to purchase.

Additionally, you can purchase the Alchemy Super Sale package, which rewards you with 12 000 Alchemical Coins, among other rewards.

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