Evony: Aglaope Monster

Evony players recently discovered a new monster on the world map, the Aglaope, and if you defeat it, you will receive rich rewards.

Evony: The King’s Return is an adventurous video game that invites players to assume the role of a lord or lady of a keep.

To advance in the game, you have to recruit Generals, train troops, defeat monsters on the world map and attack other players.

Aglaope Monster

When you open the world map, you will find a variety of boss monsters and monsters to attack.

Although the monsters remain the same for the most part, Evony occasionally releases a new event monster, or a unique monster which can only be defeated for a limited time.

One of the limited-time monsters that you can currently defeat is the Aglaope, which is a mysterious monster with dangerous powers from the deep sea.

To find the Aglaope Monster, you have to open your world map and search for a gigantic, blue enemy.

The monster is bigger than the regular enemies on the world map, which makes it easier to find. Aglaope’s entire body is covered in blue scales, and it holds a spear in its 1 hand, while the other hand looks like a claw.

When you find an Aglaope Monster, you can select it to begin the attack. Before commencing the attack, we recommend that you check your winning odds.

If your winning odds are extremely low, it is advisable that you start an Alliance War so that other players can help you destroy the Aglaope monster.

However, if your winning odds are looking good, you can attempt to defeat the Aglaope on your own. If you defeat the limited-time monster, you will earn rich rewards.

Evony: Aglaope Monster
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In the attack menu, players can discover a list of the rewards that they can get for defeating the Aglaope monster.

The possible rewards you can earn can be described as follows:

Item Description
Special Resources Chest Players can open this chest to receive one or more resource items. There is a 62.5 percent chance that you will receive a Food Box, Lumber Box, a Stone Box and an Ore Box.
24-Hour Speed Up Commanders can use this item to reduce the remaining time on a timer by 24 hours
Refining Stone Use this item to refine equipment
Tactic Scroll This mysterious scroll records various tactics. It is necessary to research Tactics.
Spiritual Beast XP Players can use it to gain 5000 Spiritual Beast XP for any Spiritual Beast.
Large Material Chest Commanders can open this chest to get 1 or 2 equipment materials.
Gold Chest If you open this chest, you will receive 100 000 Gold

Aglaope level

At the time of writing, Evony players have only been able to discover a level 1 Aglaope monster.

Although it is level 1, it has 120.2 million power, which makes it quite powerful. Unfortunately, it is still undetermined what type of monster the Aglaope is.

Players therefore do not know what troop type they have to use to defeat the Aglaope monster.

We therefore recommend that you either use a combination of troops to vanquish the monster or experiment with each troop type to see which one will be able to vanquish the Aglaope monster.

Alliance War

As previously explained, players do not have to destroy the Aglaope monster on their own. When you find an Aglaope monster on the world map, you can start an Alliance War to vanquish it.

After selecting the Alliance War option, you will have to set a time for your rally.

The entire Alliance will then be able to donate troops before the set time runs down. Commanders will then be able to select the troops and the General that they want to use to defeat the Aglaope.

Once the timer depletes, the entire Alliance will collaborate to defeat the enemy.

Although it is a group effort, all Alliance members who participated in the battle will be rewarded if they vanquished the enemy.

When will the Aglaope monster be removed?

At the time of writing, it is unknown whether the Aglaope monster will be removed from Evony at some point, or if it will become a permanent monster on the world map.

Since it is impossible to know if it will be removed, we recommend that you destroy as many Aglaope monsters as possible to earn many rewards.

Keep in mind that there is a possibility that Evony will release higher level Aglaopes as well. Although they will be more powerful, you will receive more rewards for vanquishing them.

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