Evony: Advanced Key

Some Monarchs in Evony were able to use their General Chest Keys to compose an Advanced Key, which has since been removed from the game.

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Advanced Key

As you advance in the game, you will discover many items which have unique objectives in Evony. Some Monarchs recently discovered a new item in their inventories called Advanced Key, which has caused a lot of confusion.

Evony: Advanced Key

Allegedly, some players were able to compose their General Chest Keys into the new Advanced Key. Usually, when you click on an item in your inventory, the game will give you a brief explanation of what the item is used for.

However, when the players who composed the General Chest Keys into the new Advanced Key clicked on the new key, no description of how the key can be used was given.

Several Evony players believe that the Advance Key is a leak for an event which may be released in Evony in the near future.

Since the discovery of the Advanced Key, Evony removed the option to compose the General Chest Keys into the new Advanced Key.

However, some players on specific servers still have the option to compose the new key, even though it is still unknown what it can be used for.

Another Monarch speculated that Evony was testing a new item in the game but it glitched, therefore, they ended up removing it from the game.

At the time of writing, it is unknown which servers can still compose their General Chest Keys into Advanced Keys.

Additional Keys

In addition to the Advanced Keys that some servers were able to create, there are numerous keys that all players can use.

The following table lists some of these keys that gamers players can enjoy in Evony:

Key Description
Uncommon Subordinate City Key Players can use this key to acquire a random Subordinate City Key in a specific quality
Excellent Subordinate City Key If you use this key, there is a 14.29 percent chance that you will obtain a Sub City Key for a specific civilization.
Legendary Subordinate City Key Fragment Monarchs have to collect 10 of the same Sub City Key Fragments to compose a Sub City Key of the corresponding quality and civilization. You can acquire fragments for every civilization in Evony.

Which servers were able to compose Advanced Keys?

Since players have discovered the Advanced Keys in their inventory, Evony has removed the option to compose General Chest Keys to create an Advanced Key.

It is therefore impossible to determine which servers were able to create the Advanced Keys as Evony has removed them.

When Evony officially releases the Advanced Keys for players to acquire, we believe that every server will be able to enjoy the new feature, and not just a few selected servers.

When will the Advanced Keys be officially released?

At the time of writing, it is unknown when Evony will officially release the Advanced Keys on all servers.

However, it may be released in the near future as Evony already released the Keys on some servers, which means that the developers are testing the item.

Unfortunately, it is undetermined when the Advanced Keys will be released, but we recommend that you keep an eye on your in-game mail, as Evony releases all official announcements through in-game mail.

Advanced Key uses

As previously mentioned, some players on certain servers were able to compose their General Chest Keys to create Advanced Keys.

Unfortunately, the uses of these keys are still unknown as Evony is yet to release an official announcement about the keys.

However, since the General Chest Keys is required to compose the Advanced Keys, several players think that the keys will have some use in recruiting Generals.

Keep in mind, however, that this is purely a fan theory, which means that there is no guarantee that this will be the actual use of the key.

Gamers should check their in-game mail regularly to see when Evony officially announces the uses of the Advanced Keys.

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