Evony: Abd al-Rahman I

One of the Epic, Historic Generals you can collect in Evony is Abd al-Rahman I, and he should mainly be used as a duty character.

Evony: The King’s Return is a thrilling mobile game in which you can assume the role of a lady or a lord in medieval times. The objective of the game is for players to build an empire from the ground up and to become powerful leaders.

As the game’s name suggests, it is based on the well-renowned video game, Evony. As such, you will encounter similar dynamics in both versions.

Similarly to its predecessor, The King’s Return offers you an array of Generals to acquire and play with, but some Generals will be locked initially.

Luckily, you can collect them once you have met the requirements. Once you have acquired some Generals, you can enjoy all the activities and events the game has to offer.

Types of Generals

Generals are an essential part of the game, as they are your troops’ leaders. In addition to leading armies, Generals can gather resources, attack monsters, defeat world bosses, act as Subordinate City mayors, and defend your keep, among other things.

They are divided into categories, which are determined by their rarity. It is alleged that Generals with a higher rarity are stronger than Generals who can be acquired easily.

A General’s rarity is indicated by the colour of their card. Listed below are the corresponding colours and rarities.

Rarity Colour card
Epic Gold
Legendary Purple
Rare Blue
Uncommon Green
Common Grey

Evony: Abd al-Rahman I

One of the Epic, Historic Generals you can acquire in Evony is Abd al-Rahman I, who is the founder of the Umayyad Emirate of Cordoba. Because of his contributions to Spain, he was known as The Eagle of Quraysh.

Like other Generals, Abd al-Rahman possesses a unique skill called Eagle of Conquest. This skill increases ground troops’ attack, defence, and health points by 20 percent.

It also speeds up ground troops’ training by 20 percent, however, Abd al-Rahman must be the Barracks Officer to benefit from these increases.

Evony: Abd al-Rahman I
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In addition to a special skill, the General has several specialities, which are listed in the table below. They are:

Speciality Description
Ground Troop Assault Ground troops’ health points and attack is increased by 10 percent.
Trapping This skill only applies when Abd al-Rahman I is the Subordinate City Major. It increases the training speed in the Sub city by 20 percent, and the death into survival rate in this Sub city is increased by 6 percent,
Sage It only applies to the Barracks officer. This speciality increases ground troop training speed and capacity by 20 percent.
Conquest of Spain It increases ground troop training speed by 26 percent, while ground troop training capacity is increased by 20 percent. However, it only applies to the Barracks Officer

 Abd al-Rahman I statistics

It is worth noting that Abd al-Rahman I’s statistics highly depend on his level. When he reaches the next level, his statistics increase. The following table lists some of his statistics at varying stages:

Statistic Level 1 with no stars Level 35 with 5 stars Fully cultivated level 35 with 5-stars Fully cultivated level 40 with 5-stars
Leadership 110 857 1357 1467
Attack 109 803 1303 1405
Defence 116 850 1350 1458
Politics 108 848 1348 1457

How to acquire Abd al-Rahman I

In your Keep, you will find the Tavern, where you can purchase additional Generals. Players can upgrade their Tavern to unlock more high-quality Generals. If your Tavern is on level 10 or lower, you will only be able to recruit Common and Uncommon Generals.

That being said, Historic Generals can be recruited from a high-level Tavern. This means that you have to upgrade your Tavern to a higher level before you can purchase Abd al-Rahman I. Players can find him in the Arabia section of the Tavern.

Keep in mind that the Tavern regularly refreshes its available Generals. This means that you have to check which Generals are available regularly.

Does Abd al-Rahman I have a specific build?

Since Abd al-Rahman is a pure Duty General in Evony, there is no need to equip him with additional skill books or equipment. This is because these features will have no impact on the General while he is on duty at a building. Instead, you can focus on cultivation to improve his duty rank.

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