Evony: 7 day speed up

Players can use a 7 day speed up in Evony to reduce the time on a timer by 7 days, however, the speed up must be in your collection.

Evony: The King’s Return is a thrilling role-playing game in which players can build an empire up from the ground. As the lord or lady of a keep in the medieval era, you have to construct buildings, recruit troops, harvest resources, and defeat enemies.

Although these activities are quite enjoyable, it is advisable that you focus on completing the main story arc of Evony. While progressing in the game, you will discover numerous items, each of which has a specific objective in the game.

One of the items that you can acquire is a speed up, which decreases construction, researching, or marching time. There are different speed ups that you can use, including the 7-day speed-up.

How to acquire speed ups

There are various methods that you can use to acquire speed-ups in Evony. The easiest way to get speed-up items is completing the main quests, as it rewards you with a decent number of speedups.

However, you can also complete side quests, though they reward you with fewer speed ups which speed up a smaller amount of time.

Alternatively, you can collect the one-touch puzzles as they have a chance of rewarding you with speed-ups. Players can also earn speed ups by participating in in-game events, which are in the event center.

Evony: 7 day speed up

When you finally start playing Evony, you have to construct buildings to recruit troops, perform research, and obtain Generals. The construction time at low levels is generally quite quick, and as such, you only have to wait a few minutes for it to be completed.

However, as your Keep and other buildings reach higher levels, the construction time for upgrading them will increase. Some upgrades can take weeks to complete, and when you are upgrading 1 building in your keep, you cannot upgrade another until it is finished.

Fortunately, you can use speed-ups to decrease the upgrade time. There are different types of speed ups that you can use, including the 7-day speed up, which decreases the time by 7 days.

Evony: 7 day speed up
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Keep in mind that you can only use a 7-day speed up if you have it in your inventory. To see if it is in your inventory, select the item icon, which you can access by clicking on the icon with the 3 dots in the main menu.

In the item menu, you can click on the speed-ups category to view the speed ups in your collection. Here, you will find speed-ups that decrease the time by a specific period.

The 7-day speed up has a yellow border with a yellow background. If you find it in your inventory, you can use it to reduce the remaining time on a timer by 7 days.

How to use the 7-day speed-ups

Unlike other speed-ups in Evony, the 7-day speed up can be used to reduce time on any timer by 7 days. It is crucial that you use this speed-up wisely, as it can reduce time on any timer, even if it is not more than 7 days.

To use the speed up, you have to commence construction or upgrade one of the buildings within your keep. While the building is being upgraded or constructed, you can speed up the process.

By selecting the speed-up option, players can select which speed up they want to use. If you have a 7-day speed-up in your collection, you will be able to reduce the time by 7 days.

Additional speed ups

As previously stated, there are different speed-ups that you can use in Evony, each of which reduces the time on a timer by a specific amount. The table below lists some of the speed-ups that you can use while you are advancing in the game:

Speed up name Description
5 minutes It reduces the remaining time on a timer by 5 minutes
10 minutes It reduces the remaining time on a timer by 10 minutes
15 minutes It reduces the remaining time on a timer by 15 minutes
30 minutes It reduces the remaining time on a timer by 30 minutes
8 hours It reduces the remaining time on a timer by 8 hours

Are there speed ups for specific activities?

In addition to the above-mentioned speed-ups, players can also get speed ups that can only be used for a specific activity. For instance, you can obtain a 1-hour speed up for construction, which reduces the remaining time on a construction timer by 60 minutes.

However, you can also obtain speedups for research, training, healing, trap building, and crafting.

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