Eternal Evolution: How to gear Emma

Although you can use any gear for Emma in Eternal Evolution, it is recommended that you use the hero and gluttony gear set, with attack as the primary statistic.

Eternal Evolution is a popular strategy mobile role-playing game that takes place in a fantasy hero world. You have to lead your heroes on the eternal universal arena while defeating all the monsters on the battlefield.

There are numerous heroes you can collect to participate in endless legendary wars. One of the heroes you can collect is Emma, however, you need to know what her build is.

What is a build?

In the gaming world, a build describes the arrangement of skills, items, and other attributes that make a character. A player can look at other stronger players’ build to help get ideas on making their character stronger and more efficient.

Some games allow players to create objects and structures by using in-game materials. This means that you can use a build that follows crafted gear and weapons.

Bear in mind that most of these builds are only for early-game, as end-game builds require you to farm gear by completing specific activities.

Eternal Evolution: How to gear Emma

Emma the Astral Ring is an extremely rare Hunter hero from the Terran faction. She is able to defeat her enemies with her twin bows, which deals a massive amount of single-target damage. This is extremely useful when it comes to defeating enemies’ frontline tanks and healers.

Eternal Evolution: How to gear Emma
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When looking at which sets to use for her, you should know what stats her skills are based on. If her stats are based on attack, you should use attack sets. However, some heroes scale to defense, then defense sets and values should be used accordingly.

According to her stats, players would generally use attack, hero or gluttony sets. A popular YouTuber, Dan Heilman, recently conducted an experiment to see which set fits Emma better.

According to Dan, if you can get your attack within 10 percent of what you have on your attack set, it is not going to be beneficial to use a gluttony set.

He further explained that the gluttony set gives approximately 15 percent damage boost through testing. In his experiment, Dan lost 10 percent, however he gained 15 percent from the gluttony set. This means that he gained 5 percent more damage by using the gluttony set.

Bear in mind that it can be difficult to find a set that features the attack statistic as its main stat. And since there are numerous characters in Eternal Evolution that can benefit from the set, you have to farm it multiple times.

Emma’s stat allocation

If you use attack or gluttony sets, you have to ensure that the item you are using has the correct main stat. If you use an item with the incorrect main statistic, Emma’s performance on the battlefield may drastically decrease.

Therefore, it is crucial that you farm items with the correct main stat to ensure Emma is as efficient as possible.

The following table lists the stat allocation for Emma:

Item Stat
Boots Attack
Helmet Attack
Gauntlet Attack
Pants Health points
Chest Defense
Weapon Attack

It is worth noting that these are stat recommendations for player-versus-environment. If you are interested in doing player-versus-player with Emma, you should acquire pieces with the Accuracy statistic.

Gear recommendations for Eternal Evolution’s game stages

If you are an early-game player, you can equip Emma with the hero gear set. However, you have to ensure that her gauntlet, helmet and boots are attack based items.

Mid-gamers can focus on farming gluttony sets, as this is considered the best set for Emma. Keep in mind that it can take some time to acquire all the gluttony sets. Therefore, you may reach the end-game phase before you have collected all Emma’s items.

Emma’s skills

Similar to other heroes in Eternal Evolution, Emma features unique skills, which are indicated below:

Skill name Skill type Description
Arrow Rain Ultimate Emma fires at the enemy target for 3 seconds. While shooting, she will fire at least 6 crossbow arrows with each arrow inflicting damage equal to 210 percent of attack. She fires an additional normal crossbow arrow for every 200 points of bonus AS.
Mini Bombs Common Emma plants a bomb on the enemy, which explodes after 85 seconds. This inflicts 570 attack damage to the enemy. Each attack from Emma increases bomb damage by 10 percent, which can stack up to 4 times.
Weapon Activation Common Emma activates her weapon for 65, during which each basic attack inflicts an additional 200 percent attack damage.

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