ESO: Petrified Oak Loop

The Petrified Oak Loop lead in The Elder Scrolls (ESO) is difficult to acquire, but it is required for the powerful Oakensoul Ring.

The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is a well-renowned massively multiplayer online role-playing video game that invites players to discover the continent of Tamriel. The gameplay is mainly non-linear, as it contains quests, occasional events, and free-roaming exploration of the world.

As the name suggests, the game is part of the Elder Scrolls series. Unlike its predecessors, ESO allows players to enjoy content with likeminded gamers.

As you advance in the game, you will discover that there is an array of skill lines your character can become the master of.

These include, but are not limited to, Antiquities, Mages guild, Thieves guild, Werewolf, and The Dark Brotherhood. The Antiquity system requires that you obtain leads, one of which is the Petrified Oak Loop.


The Antiquities system was released with the Greymoor chapter, and it is associated with the Antiquarian Circle. This system allows you to engage in the activity of treasure hunting and uncovering housing items, emtes, lost artifacts, and new Mythic items.

It has 2 non-combat skill lines associated with it, namely Scrying and Excavation. Scrying is the process of locating the dig sites where Antiquities are buried and this can only be done when you have found a lead.

Once you have solved the Scrying puzzle, you can travel to the marked location and perform an Excavation. An Excavation site will appear as a mound of dirt with golden motes of light emanating from it.

ESO: Petrified Oak Loop

Mythic items are 1-piece sets that you can earn from the Antiquities system. These items usually only have 1 bonus, but you also only have to wear 1 piece. Allegedly, your character can only wear 1 Mythic item at a time.

Most Mythic items contain more than one lead, which are special items that can be found almost anywhere that loot can be acquired in-game.

The game’s developer, ZeniMax Online Studios, recently introduced a new Mythic item called the Oakensoul Ring, which features 5 leads.

ESO: Petrified Oak Loop
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This essentially means that you have to locate 5 leads before you can Scry and evacuate a piece of the ring. One of the Leads you need for the Oakensoul Ring is the Petrified Oak Loop, which you can find in safeboxes and Thieves Troves in the Murkmire zone.

Since the Oakensoul Ring offers characters unique benefits, a lot of players have been grinding the leads.

The Petrified Oak Loop lead is allegedly extremely difficult to obtain, as some Safeboxes only respawn after 30 minutes, and there are no less than 10 players hovering at the spawn location for a potential chance to receive the loot.

The safeboxes and Thieves Troves can only be opened by 1 player, which means that in order to get the lead, you have to be the first person to open the item. Seeing that there are many players farming the lead, it is highly unlikely that you will be the first person to open the box.

Fortunately, the developers have doubled the drop rate for several Antiquity Leads in safeboxes, including the Petrified Oak Loop lead.

Oakensoul Ring

The Oakensoul Ring is one of the best Mythic items in The Elder Scrolls Online. This item, introduced with the High Isle Chapter, gives players bonuses as a trade-off for removing access to the backup Weapon Bar.

While the ring is equipped, you cannot swap between your Primary and Backup Weapon sets.

However, you gain Major Beserk, Major Courage, Major Brutality, Major Sorcery, Major Prophecy, Major Savagery, Major Force, Major Protection, Major Resolve, Minor Fortitude, Minor Intellect, Minor Endurance, and Major Heroism.

Where are the other Leads?

In addition to the Petrified Oak Loop, you have to find, Scry, and Excavate 4 leads to complete the Oakensoul Ring. You can acquire the leads for the Oakensoul Ring at:

Lead Location
Igneous Inlays Players must complete Volcanic Vents in the High Isle and Amenos zone.
Larimar Gems You have to defeat the Titanclaw worldboss at the Mudcrab Beach in Stormhaven. You have to be part of the 12 percent top damage-dealers in the fight to receive loot.
Sacred Resin This Lead can be acquired from any monster in the Malabal Tor zone.
Stone Shank Frame Players can get this lead from any Blacksmithing nodes in Glenumbra.

How to begin your Antiquary journey

It is worth noting that to scry the Oakensoul Ring’s Leads, your character has to be on a decent scrying level.

To start treasure-hunting, you need to join the Antiquarian Circle, for which you have to travel to Solitude. Players then have to speak to Verita Numida to pick up the introductory quest.

Completing this quest rewards you with the Antiquarian’s Eye, which is necessary for Scrying Leads. Players can then level up this skill line by Scrying and Excavating Leads, which you can find across Tamriel.

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