Epic Seven: Kiss of Frost

Epic Seven’s Advent Side Story, Kiss of Frost, is an exciting activity during which you can earn event currencies to claim rewards.

In Epic Seven, the Goddess of Life, Diche, summoned all of her waning power and once again gave shape to the Guardians and the Heir of the Covenant.

You can conquer an ancient queen in the Labyrinth Raid, or defeat other players in the player-versus-player arena to earn rewards.

Kiss of Frost

In addition to completing the main storyline and participating in various game modes, you can enjoy several in-game events.

Epic Seven’s developer, Super Creative Inc, regularly updates the game to ensure that players have the best gaming experience.

On Thursday, 2 November 2023, Super Creative Inc. released a content update to introduce new content to the game and to resolve known bugs.

The announcement disclosed that players can now enjoy the Advent Side Story – Kiss of Frost limited time activity.

Epic Seven: Kiss of Frost
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The official description reveals that Elisia of the Ice is back! Players can challenge this Side Story and acquire Dark Connection, Greater Modification Gems and a variety of rewards.

This Side Story started after the update was implemented and it will remain active until Thursday, 16 November 2023.

During this time, you have to select a difficulty on which you want to complete the stage. Players can select Hard, Hell or Epic Hell.

Keep in mind that you can only select a higher difficulty if you have successfully cleared the difficulty before it.

Once you reach Epic Hell difficulty, you can complete it up to 3 times while the Side Story period is active.

To access the Side Story event, open your Lobby and click on the Side Story icon, but keep in mind that you will only be able to participate in this activity when you have completed Episode 2m Chapter 10-10, Twisted Core.

Recommended teams

Before you begin the Kiss of Frost activity, you have to select which characters you want to use in your teams. The following table lists some of the teams that you can use for the Hell and Epic Hell difficulty:

Difficulty Recommended teams
  • Moriyaism (100% One Shot): Straze, Midnight Gala Lilias and Fighter Maya
  • Moriyaism (Normal Clear): Vildred, Luluca and Fighter Maya
  • GrandChillax: Vivian, Cidd and Sigret
  • Crek: Pollitis, Choux and Violet
  • Argomok: Vildred, Roana and Violet
  • Sastruga: Pavel, Valencia and Fighter Maya
Epic Hell
  • Moriyaism (One shot): Straze, Baiken and Sigret
  • Moriyaism (Slow Clear): Landy, Luluca and Baiken
  • GrandChillax: Vivian, Mercenary Helga and Sigret
  • Crek: Vildred, Baiken and Fighter Maya
  • Redzealot: Landy, Violet and Fighter Maya
  • Altru: Yuna, Baiken and Watcher Schuri


Completing the Side Story activity will reward you with White Snake Scales and White Snake Fangs. You can use these event currencies to procure unique rewards.

The following table lists some of the rewards you can earn in exchange for the event currencies:

Type Name Price
Summon 5 Covenant Bookmarks 60 White Snake Scales
Selection Chest Reforging Material Selection Chest 500 White Snake Scales
Charm Epic Artifact Charm 450 White Snake Scales
Skill Enhancer MolaGora 190 White Snake Scales

Every reward requires a different number of White Snake Scales, which means that you can either save up your White Snake Scales to acquire a rare reward, or you can use your White Snake Scales to purchase common rewards.

Event currencies

It is clear that players will not be rewarded for progressing through Kiss of Frost. Instead, you will receive unique event currencies.

You can use your event currencies to acquire unique rewards, though only some difficulties offer certain event currencies.

The table below lists which difficulties of Kiss of Frost reward you with the event currencies:

Category Currency Description Difficulties
Regular Currency White Snake Scales They are as cold and transparent as the ice touched by Elisia’s breath To acquire this currency, you must progress through the Hard and Hell difficulties.
Special Currency White Snake Fangs These sharp fangs are filled with bitter coldness The only way to earn this currency is by completing Kiss of Frost on the Epic Hell difficulty.

Enhanced Element

During Kiss for Frost, you will encounter several enhanced elements at different levels, and there are certain conditions as well as effects that every team will experience.

That being said, Epic Seven players should note that Advent Side Story does not yield any experience, Friendship Experience and Penguin Mileage at all.

The enhanced elements that you have to consider are described as follows:

  Level 1 Level 2
Conditions Two heroes of the same element Three heroes of the same element
Team 1 20% Speed increase 40% Speed increase
Team 2 20% max health increase 40% max health increase
Team 3 20% attack increase 40% attack increase

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