Epic Seven: Imprint Concentration

Imprint Concentration enables players to upgrade their Epic Seven character’s statistics even more, but this requires an Ego Fragment.

Gamers can enjoy simulation and role-playing elements in this adventurous mobile game, Epic Seven. The story began when Diche, the Goddess of Life, used her diminishing power to give five lives to the Guardians, and to the Heir of the Covenant.

Players can take up the role of the Heir to recruit heroes and defeat a powerful threat in order to restore peace to the fictitious world.

Epic Seven has more than 150 heroes. Bear in mind that each hero has to be levelled up and upgraded to improve his or her statistics and abilities.

There are numerous ways to upgrade a hero, however, some methods are considered better than others. One of the methods that you can use is Memory Imprint, which features Imprint Concentration.

Levelling up a hero

Levelling up one of your heroes in Epic Seven provides many benefits, such as increasing their statistics. The higher your hero’s level is, the stronger the character becomes.

Although levelling up your heroes is not necessary during the early game phase, it is required when you reach the mid-game and endgame phases. You will not be able to defeat enemies and progress in the game if your character is not strong enough.

There are various ways to increase a hero’s level. You can play through the Adventure Mode, complete daily tasks, and use monsters as a fodder.

Epic Seven: Imprint Concentration

Additionally to increasing a character’ level, you can strengthen your heroes using Memory Imprints. The types of Memory Imprint bonuses vary from hero to hero, however, these bonuses can make your team much more efficient in their assigned roles.

Players can open the Memory Imprint Page by selecting a character’s profile in the “Character Page” and clicking on the Memory Imprint tab.

Epic Seven’s developer, Super Creative Inc, announced that heroes that have an Imprint Release, can use an Ego Fragment to unlock Imprint Concentration in 2019.

Epic Seven: Imprint Concentration
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Ego Fragments are used as materials for the more advanced version of Memory Imprints, which is Imprint Concentration.

Levelling up a hero’s Concentrated Memory Imprint unlocks bonus statistics, however, these bonuses do not apply to other characters in the team. It thus varies from normal Memory Imprints.

The bonus statistics are only applied to the hero with the Imprint Concentration. The heroes that have used Ego Fragments can freely switch between Imprint Release and Imprint Concentration.

To summarise, players can use Imprint Concentration to increase their heroes’ statistics and abilities. However, this process requires an Ego Fragment, which can be purchased from the in-game shop once a week.

Keep in mind that 1 Ego Fragment costs approximately 12 Silver Transmit Stones, which you can get by completing missions.

However, you can also earn Transmit Stones from hero transmissions.

How to obtain Memory Imprints

The most common way to acquire Memory Imprints is to collect duplicates of characters. Dupes can be farmed from the Summon Tickets and from the Summons Gacha.

For Moonlight heroes, players can use their RGB counterparts as materials to increase their Memory Imprint. This principle also applies when you want to increase the Memory Imprint for an RGB Character instead.

Once you have a duplicate character, you can open the collected character’s profile in the Character screen. By clicking on the Enhance icon, you can feed the duplicates to the collected character to increase his or her statistics.

Hero Transmissions

As previously mentioned, you need Transmit Stones to purchase an Ego Fragment, which is required to unlock Imprint Concentration. You can sell your heroes in Hero Transmissions to earn a specific quantity of Transmit Stones.

The rewards that you will obtain by selling a specifically ranked hero in Epic Seven are:

Hero rank Reward
3-star Players will get 1 Silver Transmit Stone and 1760 Gold
4-star By selling a 4-star hero, you receive 10 Silver Transmit Stones and 8400 gold
5-star Players will earn 30 Silver Transmit Stones and 52 800 gold for selling a 5-star hero

Even if selling a 4-star or 5-star hero is tempting, it is recommended that you do not sell them. This is because they are considered the strongest heroes in Epic Seven, and you may need them at a later stage in the game.

Is Imprint Concentration necessary?

It is crucial to note that Imprint Concentration is not required to advance in the game. Players can thus decide whether they want to unlock this feature for some of their heroes or not.

However, it is advised that you use this feature to your advantage to make your heroes stronger, as the content increases in difficulty.

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