Epic Seven: Banner schedule 2022

Epic Seven’s developer, Smilegate, introduces new banners from time to time, however, the schedule for 2022 is yet unclear.


Epic Seven is an adventurous role-playing and simulation mobile game that allows players to take control of numerous Guardians. The official description explains that the Goddess of Life summoned her diminishing power and gave life to the Guardians.

It takes place in a persistent world, in which you have to use your Guardians to defeat enemies. At present, the game features more than 30 different heroes and guardians that you can acquire and play with.

You can get guardians as you complete chapters in the main story, while heroes can be collected by summoning them. Alternatively, players can obtain a new hero by participating in the banner feature.

Epic Seven: Banner
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What is a banner?

Banners are limited time events where only a single exclusive and limited hero gets a boost in their drop rate when players summon them.

It is important to note that you will have to get specific in-game currencies before you can perform a summon in a specific banner. Once you have successfully summoned a hero, they will be added to your team permanently.

Epic Seven: Banner schedule 2022

The game’s developer, Smilegate, frequently introduces new characters, equipment, and content to keep players interested and engaged in the game. Although the Banner schedule for 2022 has yet to be released.

This means that nobody knows when they will introduce a new banner, which new heroes you will be able to acquire, and how long they will be available for.

However, players have created their own theories with regard to the schedule. Some of the rotations have been confirmed, while others are likely to happen. The following table lists some estimations for the Banner schedule:

Date Theory
7 April 2022 Mystic Rotation: Mediator Kawerik
14 April 2022 Moonlight Summon: 4-star and 5-star heroes will have the pity system.
28 April 2022 Custom Mystic Group Summon
19 May 2022 Mystic Rotation: Maid Chloe, Martial Artist Ken, Blood Moon Haste
9 June 2022 Mystic Rotation: Dark Corvus, Last Raider Krau, Top Model Luluca
30 June 2022 Mystic Rotation: Operator Sigret, Archdemon’s Shadow, Designer Lilibet
21 July 2022 Mystic Rotation: Forest Sage Vivian

Which heroes have been obtainable through the Banners?

Players can acquire most of the heroes in the game through the Banner System, but the heroes are only there for a specific time period. This means that if you do not get the hero within the stipulated timeframe, you will miss out on the opportunity.

The heroes you can obtain from the Banner feature are, but are not limited to:

  • Jack-O
  • Dizzy
  • Elphelt
  • Baklen
  • Destina
  • Bask
  • Kise
  • Serila
Epic Seven: Banner
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How much does it cost to summon a hero?

Players can summon heroes and Artifacts from the Summoning menu. Different currencies are required for every type of summon.

To summon a hero from the Mystic Summon, you will need 50 Mystic Medals, while summoning a hero in the Moonlight Summons requires Galaxy Bookmarks.

Additionally, you need to acquire Friendship Bookmarks if you want to summon a hero from the Friendship Summon.

When is the next Banner and who will it be?

It is noteworthy that Banners are continuous, which means that there will either be at least 1 new Hero Banner, or a rerun of a previous Banner. Generally, new heroes are released at a rate of 1 a month, and are available for 2 weeks.

Nobody knows exactly what the next Banner will be, but information is usually teased at around a week before its official release.

Epic Seven: Banner
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Final Thoughts

Epic Seven is an imaginative role-playing simulation mobile game that invites players to take control of different Guardians. The game’s official description reveals that the Goddess of Life summoned her waning power and gave life to the Guardians.

It takes place in a fictitious world, in which you must use your Guardians to defeat your enemies. The game currently has over 30 heroes and Guardians for you to acquire and play with.

Players can obtain new heroes by summoning them in the Banner feature. A Banner is a limited time event that allows you to add a new hero to your team permanently. The Banner schedule for 2022 is still unclear.

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