Epic Seven: Aquarius Warrior

There are different types of characters you can obtain in Epic Seven, one of which is the Aquarius Warrior, who is Conqueror Lilias.


Players can experience role-playing and strategic elements in this imaginative video game, Epic Seven. The game states that Diche, the Goddess of Life, used all of her waning power to create the Guardians and the Heir of the Covenant. The game takes place in the fictional seventh world, in which players can take on the role of the Heir to defeat enemies.

Additionally, you can enjoy a variety of activities and gaming modes, including the player-versus-player and player-versus-environment, but you should first focus on advancing in the main campaign before you enjoy other activities. Players have to create a character and select a class to enjoy the main campaign.

Epic Seven: Aquarius Warrior
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What are the character classes?

All the characters in the game are divided into different categories, depending on their abilities, statistics, and skills. The following table lists all the classes with a description of each:

Class Description

Soul Weaver

Soul Weavers can be quite tanky with defence builds. They function as the designated survival expert in a team.


They tend to focus on supplemental damage through debuffs and dual attacks. Rangers are the go-to class for strategic planning and support.


Mages can take on various roles on the battlefield, as they have tanky lifesteal, support, debuffs, and afflictions.


They thrive on high attacks and higher speed.


Knights reinforce the survivability of other heroes in the team. They can apply numerous buffs to increase their allies’ skills.


They are a straightforward melee combat class that has high damage, debuffs, and attack breaks, among others.

Epic Seven: Aquarius Warrior

It is noteworthy that all characters have a specific Zodiac sign, according to their date of birth. This means that you can, for instance, play with a Gemini Mage, a Cancer Ranger, or an Aquarius Warrior, among others. In this case, the Aquarius Warrior is Conqueror Lilias.

Epic Seven: Aquarius Warrior
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After purging members of the incompetent family, she becomes the head of the household. Conqueror Lilias subjugates the forces in South Perland and revolts. Then, using Violet, she quickly overturns the whole nation as she makes her way to the throne. But her ambition grows to such an extent that Perland alone cannot satisfy her, so she aims for other regions in Cidonia.

Conqueror Lilias is a Light Warrior, which means that you can summon her from the Moonlight Summon. This means that players have to obtain Galaxy Bookmarks for a chance to acquire her.

Recommended Artifacts

Artifacts give your character an edge in battle with a unique ability. Additionally, it provides bonus attacks and health statistics. The game has more than 20 different Artifacts that you can use on your character. The following table outlines the recommended Artifacts for Conqueror Lillias, and explains each one:

Artifact name Description

Border Coin

Provides Conqueror Lillias with extra attack and speed statistics.

War horn

This Artifact increases the combat readiness, which essentially means that it increases everyone’s attack.
Epic Seven: Aquarius Warrior
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Conqueror Lillias skills

Similarly to other characters, Conqueror Lillias has several talents and abilities. The following table outlines her talents and a gives description of each:

Skill name Description

For Honor!

It encourages the Perland army and grants vigour to all allies for 2 turns. It also decreases buff duration of all enemies by 1 turn and has a 75 percent chance of decreasing attack for 2 turns.


This skill distracts the enemy and decreases their combat readiness by 25 percent, with up to a 70 percent chance to inflict redirected provoke for 1 turn.

Kneel Down

Once activated, Conqueror Lillias will attack the enemy with a sword, which triggers a dual attack from a random ally.

Advantages and disadvantages

All the characters in Epic Seven have advantages and disadvantages. The following table outlines Conqueror Lillias’ advantages and disadvantages:



·     She has redirected provoke

·     High Speed Base

·     Area-of-effect Vigour for everyone who uses her skill

·     She has a low base attack

·     Dual attacks are quite randomised, which means she can attack with a Soul Weaver

·     Skill-ups are very important.

Epic Seven: Aquarius Warrior
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Final thoughts

Players can enjoy role-playing and tactical elements in this popular video game, Epic Seven. The game description states that Diche, the Goddess of Life, used all of her waning power to create the Guardians and the Heir of the Covenant. It takes place in the fictitious seventh world, where you can assume the role of the Heir to defeat enemies.

You can acquire different characters in the game, one of which is the Aquarius Warrior, also known as Conqueror Lillias. She has unique talents and abilities that can help her defeat enemies on the battlefield.

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