Epic Seven: Anniversary 2022

During the Epic Seven 2022 Anniversary event, players were able to enjoy unique campaigns to earn valuable rewards.

Players can enjoy role-playing and simulation elements in this thrilling mobile game, Epic Seven.

Its description reveals that the Goddess of Life, Diche, used the last bit of her remaining power to give the Guardians life. You can assume the role of a Guardian to progress in the game by completing quests and defeating enemies.

Epic Seven contains numerous gaming modes that you can enjoy, but it is advisable that you focus on completing the main story arc.

In addition to the gaming modes and main story, players can occasionally participate in in-game events. One of the big events is the Anniversary 2022 event. Unfortunately, it concluded on 29 September 2022.

What is the Anniversary event?

To celebrate the fourth Ezeran Foundation Day, or the fourth anniversary of Epic Seven, its developer, Super Creative Inc, hosted an in-game event.

The objective of this event is to thank players for supporting the game for over 4 years.

The event commenced on 1 September 2022 and concluded on 29 September 2022. During this time, players could enjoy several unique campaigns. By participating in these campaigns, you were able to receive rare and valuable rewards, which influence gameplay.

Although the event concluded, it is alleged that the developers will celebrate Epic Seven’s Foundation Day annually.

Epic Seven: Anniversary 2022

During the 2022 Anniversary event, Epic Seven players could enjoy 4 campaigns, namely the Special 15 Days Check in, The Special Buffs Campaign, the Special Daily free 10 Covenant Summons and the Special Crafting Event.

For the daily check in campaign, all players above rank 24 were able to get a myriad of rewards for logging into the game for 15 days in total. You could receive valuable gacha currencies like Golden Transmit Stones and Mystic Bookmarks.

Additionally, players got upgrading materials and stamina boosting items. The biggest rewards during this campaign include the 4-star Celebratory Artifact Prelude to a New Era and the Special 5-star Selector.

The 100 Free Covenant Summons Campaign offered players 10 free summoning opportunities per day. However, if you did not log into Epic Seven during the campaign, you lost your 10 free summons.

Players also received special buffs during the event. The buffs increased the gold, experience points, hunt, runes, and AP input of all player accounts for a set period during the campaign.

Although the Crafting Event was minor, it helped many players get a piece of equipment that features a statistic of their choosing. However, you had to farm the stages, and use stamina in the event.

It enabled players to exchange that Stamina points that they spent during the event to craft a piece of equipment of their choosing. The equipment is completely customisable, which means you could select the type, the set, its main statistics, and its sub statistics.

Which characters should you have picked?

The Special 5-star selector was available to all players in the event. Although you could have selected any character, the following characters are considered better than others:

Character name Description
Tamarinne She is regarded as the best healer for all contents in Epic Seven. Tamarinne is a 5-star Fire Soul Weaver with the ability to switch between forms. She also grants the entire team damage buffs
Politis This player-versus-player character helps restrict the enemy team’s movement and strategy
Flan Flan is a 5-star Elemental Ranger character who can apply numerous debuffs on enemies. However, she also grants her entire team a massive damage buff
Violet Violet can be used in player-versus-player and in player-versus-environment. He can dodge and counter enemy attacks while healing himself

What is the next event?

Although the Anniversary event concluded, there are other events that you can enjoy. Epic Seven recently prepared a MyCard Purchase Promotion event for October 2022. Players who play on the MyCard client can enjoy the event from 1 October 2022 until 31 October 2022.

During this event, you can get a coupon from the MyCard Event Page when you purchase items that meet certain conditions.

There is no limit to the number of coupons that you can acquire per account. However, coupons for each purchase condition can only be used twice on the same account. Coupons can be transferred and can be used on other accounts.

Additionally, you can enjoy a drop rate up event and an Epic Seven Halloween Cosplay event.

What can players expect from Epic Seven in the future?

Allegedly, Super Creative Inc will release new features near the end of 2022, however, it is yet to be confirmed. According to fan theories, you can expect the following in Epic Seven:

  • Background Battling
  • Arena: 3 teams versus 3 teams
  • World Arena Replay
  • New Lobby Types
  • New Labyrinth: Cidonia/Raid Revamp
  • Main Adventure: Episode 5

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