Epic Seven: Alexa Speciality Change

Epic Seven players can now change Alexa speciality skill by completing 3 quests and a trial, but she cannot return to her previous form.

Epic Seven is an explorative video game that invites gamers to experience role-playing and simulation elements.

The game’s story begins when the Goddess of Life, Diche, summoned all of her diminishing power to give the Guardians life and to give shape to their Heir of the Covenant.

As the player, it is up to you to assume the role of the Heir to restore peace and harmony to the fictitious world by defeating enemies.

To aid you in your quest, you can recruit heroes, each of which has unique skills and abilities. One of the heroes you can collect is Alexa, whose special skill recently changed.

How to get additional characters

The best and easiest way to get additional heroes in Epic Seven is through Collective Summoning. This system allows players to summon 10 characters at a time, and you can reset the summons up to 30 times.

Bear in mind that you can only procure 1 five star hero and artifact, so it is advised that players choose their hero wisely.

Alternatively, you can use individual summons, but this requires Covenant Bookmarks. When using this summoning system, you will get a random item or hero.

Players can also unlock additional heroes by main story quests, but these heroes are not the best heroes in Epic Seven.

Epic Seven: Alexa Speciality Change

One of the heroes that you can acquire in Epic Seven is Alexa, who is a 3-star Ice character that is part of the Thief class.

Despite her young age, Alexa has managed to become a formally appointed knight of the Order of the Sword and she is trusted with various duties. She greatly admires Iseria, who taught her how to use a sword.

Epic Seven: Alexa Speciality Change
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Similarly to other heroes, Alexa has specific abilities and skills. Her skill, Crushing Blow, allows her to attack enemies continuously. It deals damage proportionately to the number of buffs that are inflicted on the enemy.

However, in June 2022, the game’s developer, Super Creative Inc announced that this skill will be replaced with Glistening Summer Spike.

With this skill, Alexa attacks the enemy with a powerful spike while benefiting from an increased attack buff for 3 turns. The damage dealt increases proportionately to the number of debuffs inflicted on the target.

In order to unlock the speciality change quest, players have to complete 10 – 10, the Shrieking Hall in Episode 1. You also have to reach level 30 with Alexa and acquire the illustration reward.

You can get the reward by clearing the special side story, The Order of the Sword, and the Lord of Summer.

Players can access the quests by opening the hero menu, selecting Speciality Change and clicking on Alexa to find the quest.

Keep in mind that you have to complete 3 Speciality Change quests and a trial battle. Once these are completed, Alexa’s appearance and skills will change.

Can Alexa be reverted to her previous state?

Once you have completed the Speciality Change quests, you cannot revert Alexa to her previous state. It is thus recommended that you carefully consider the change before starting the process as it cannot be undone.

However, if you do not complete the Speciality Change, Alexa will not be able to use the new skill. Moreover, you will not be able to enhance her skills further in the Skill Tree.

Epic Seven: Alexa Speciality Change
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Alexa’s skills

In addition to Glistening Summer Spike and Crushing Blow, Alexa has 2 other skills that can be used during combat. The skills as well as a description of each skill is as follows:

Skill name Description
Fell Before awakening, Alexa cuts the enemy with dual-wielded swords. A critical hit has a 50 percent chance of granting an additional attack. However, it can only be activated once a turn.

After awakening, Alexa cuts the enemy with dual-wielded swords, but the critical hit will grant an extra attack.

Cold Edge Alexa attacks with a cold blade that has an 80 percent chance of inflicting 2 poison effects for 2 turns. It also increases her combat readiness by 30 percent

Recommended Artifacts for Alexa

Although you can use any Artifacts for Alexa, you should use the Daydream Joker (Wyvern) as a General Artifact. You can use the following Artifacts when enjoying certain gaming modes:

Game mode Recommended Artifacts
Arena and Guild Wars
  • Rhianna and Luciella
  • Wind Rider
  • Portrait of the Saviours
Hunt, Abyss and Raid
  • Daydream Joker
  • Rhianna and Luciella

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