Dragalia Lost Zethia

One of the royals that players will see in Dragalia Lost is Zethia, however, they should note that she takes on the role of a healer in battles.


Dragalia Lost is a popular action video game, developed by Cygames. However, it was published by Nintendo for mobile platforms. Players can thus only enjoy the game on Android and iOS, as it features touchscreen controls.

The game is set in the fantasy world of Alberia, which is a kingdom full of dragons. All the royal members in the kingdom have the Dragon Transformation. This means they are able to wield a dragon’s power by forming a pact with a dragon to borrow their form in a battle.

However, one day a peculiar occurrence happened. The Holy Shard, which is protected by the capital started to lose its power. In order to save the people, the Seventh Prince, Euden, who has not made a pact with a dragon, decided to take on the Dragon Selection Trial.

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While he is seeking a dragon, he will meet new companions, including a mysterious girl from another time. However, he should also face a sudden and inexplicable change in the king, who is also his father.

During combat, the characters uses magic attacks of different elements to defeat enemies. However, they can also use a special attack, where they transform into a dragon. The characters are then able to deal a lot of damage to the enemy. This only occurs when they have sufficient energy, which can be collected while playing or destroying dragon statues.

It is important to note that the characters also have their own classes. Yet, attacking and healing types are the primary classes. Even though the game is fully playable as a single player, it supports up to four players in co-operative multiple mode.


As mentioned above, the characters can transform into dragons. The following table indicates the dragons name and a description of each:

Dragon name Description
Midgardsormr He is seen as the Lord of Maelstroms and the master of the land. It is believed that he is the storm that will keep players from harm.
Brunhilda Brunhilda is the mistress of crimson and the inferno-clad. However, she is also the flame that will show players the way.
Mercury She is the mistress of the tides and ruler of the waves. Mercury will be the ocean that carries players in battle.
Jupiter Jupiter is the lord of thunder and lightning. However, he is also the gleaming blot that smites players’ enemies.
Zodiark He is the dragon in the waltzes in the black and the darkness incarnate. It is believed that Zodiark will take the strength of the six greatwyrms and bury those who have wronged the world.

Dragalia Lost Zethia

One of the characters that players can find in the game is Zethia. She is the twin sister of Euden, and also the damsel in distress. Zethia is one of the few maidens of the Church. As a child, she was very quick to cry, but she became more stoic after her mother’s death. She is now a strong-willed young lady who adores her older brother.

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She has long blonde hair with blue eyes. Zethia generally wears a long blue dress with pink and white details. Additionally, she wears a tiara and white accessories in her hair. However, her gala form differs as Zethia wears a shorter, dark outfit. Additionally, she equips a dark headdress. It is believed that in this form, her blue eyes turn a green colour while her hair stays blonde.

Zethia skills and abilities

It is important to note that Zethia only has the divine healing skill. This means that she is able to heal her allies during combat. Players should also remember that she falls into the Light Bringer hero class.

Zethia friends and enemies

Similar to real-life, the characters in Dragalia Lost have friends and enemies. The following table indicates all Zethia’s friends and enemies in the game:

Zethia’s friends Zethia’s enemies
Mordecai Nedrick
Bahamut (partially due to pact split with Nedrick) Bahamut
Ilia The Agito
Zena Morsayati


Dragalia Lost is a very popular mobile game published by Nintendo. It takes place in the fictional world of Alberia. The game features royal members that have the Dragon Transformation ability, which means they can transform into a dragon during combat.

One of the royal characters that players can find in the game is Zethia. She is the twin sister of Euden, who is on a quest to find a dragon. Zethia has the ability to heal herself, as well as her allies around her.

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