Does the Logitech G920 have force feedback?

The Logitech G920 has a dual-motor force feedback, which accurately imitates the sensation of your car during simulation video games.

The Logitech G920 is engineered for the perfect driving experience with stainless steel paddle shifters and a hand stitched leather wheel.

The adjustable floor pedals allow gamers to accelerate, brake, and change gears with the same realistic feeling of an actual car. With this product you can play racing simulation games by grabbing your supercar by the wheel.

Although it is not necessary to play racing simulation video games with a steering wheel, it does offer you an entirely riveting gaming experience. Some steering wheels are considered better than others, as they have better features, such as a more realistic feel and more advanced force feedback.

What is force feedback?

If you are interested in purchasing a steering wheel, or you already own one, you have probably heard the term force feedback. This is a simulation technique used in racing wheels to offer a true-to-life representation and sensation of what it is like to race realistically.

Force feedback attempts to replicate what the driver would feel if he or she were to race under the same conditions in the same location in real life. This will provide you with a lot of additional information about how your car is performing, which allows you to make minor adjustments to improve it.

Does the Logitech G920 have force feedback?

With Logitech, force feedback comes in the form of TrueForce. It allegedly uses in-game audio and game physics to deliver vibrations and more accurate feedback responses to the steering wheel.

This concept applies to the Logitech G920 steering wheel, as it offers players the perfect realistic driving experience with dual-motor force feedback.

This accurately imitates the sensation of your car and tires on every bend and various kinds of terrains, so that you can detect under and oversteer as well as drifting.

Players can experience extraordinarily smooth, precise, and quiet steering actions with helical gears that are based on the gearing used in automotive transmissions. The wheel also features anti-backlash tension, which helps players maintain control by keeping the wheel and pedals tight.

TrueForce is achieved through a formulation of in-game code from whichever title you are playing, along with the right configuration and numerous electrical motors inside the rim racing wheel.

The electric motors create resistance in conjunction with the activity on your screen. It also alters as the driving conditions change.

To put this concept in a realistic situation, if you are playing a driving simulation game and you end up driving in the gravel, you will feel a sudden change of resistance and vibration as the car’s wheels start spinning on the uneven surface. This will likely cause you to try to get the car back on the road, much like  it would feel in real life.

Game Compatibility

The G920 is compatible with the Microsoft Xbox One, One S, and any personal computer (PC) running Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, or macOS 10.1 and above. The table below lists some of the games you can enjoy with the Logitech G920:

PC Xbox
·   18-Wheeler American Pro Trucker

·   American Truck Simulator

·   BeamNG Drive

·   DIRT 3

·   Dakar 18

·   Distance

·   Euro Truck Simulator 2

·   Farming Simulator

·   F1 2015 – 2021

·   GRID

·   Forza Motorsport 7

·   Lawn Mowing Simulator

·   My Summer Car

·   Project Car

·   SnowRunner

·   The Crew 2

·   Wreckfest

·   Assetto Corsa

·   DIRT 4

·   Dirt Rally

·   Forza Horizon 2

·   Farming Simulator

·   Forza Motorsport

·   NASCAR 21 Ignition

·   Project Cars

·   V Rally 4

·   Wreckfest

·   WRC

·   The Crew 2

·   Spintires: MudRunner

·   SnowRunner

·   Need for Speed Heat

·   Lawn Mowing Simulator

Do you need force feedback in a racing wheel?

Although force feedback can elevate your simulation experience to the next level, it is not necessary as it does not alter your gameplay.

Ultimately, force feedback provides you with more signals and interactions to respond to, which gives you opportunities to react to those signals more accurately.

This means that you can improve as a racer. Moreover, with the increase in interactions and signals, you feel more immersed in the racing actions. This is because the experience becomes a more accurate representation of what it is like to race in real life.

What is the cost of the Logitech G920?

The Logitech G920 is currently available for purchase on Amazon for approximately $359.99. It comes with a separate floor pedal unit that enables a more realistic body position for driving. You can thus comfortably brake, accelerate, and change gears like you would in a real car.

This item does not come with the Logitech G Driving Force Shifter, which is also available for purchase on Amazon for approximately $64.99.

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