Does buried have an Easter egg?

Like always, a Musical Easter Egg is present on this Zombies Map. To activate it, press the reload button on three Teddy Bears that are hidden throughout the map. A Teddy Bear is inside the Haunted House near the Double Tap Root Beer Machine.

What is the name of the Easter egg in Buried?

Mined Games is a Zombies easter egg featured in Buried for Call of Duty: Black Ops II. This easter egg requires the player to “be their pawn”. Edward Richtofen’s side involves completing a guillotine, and Ludvig Maxis’ involves completing the gallows on the map.

Is Buried a 4 person Easter egg?

Tranzit, Die Rise, and Buried all require four players to do the Easter Egg. Mob of the Dead can be done with two, as long as the player who is the Weasel doesn’t quit.

Can you solo the Buried Easter egg?

It’s impossible to do the Buried EE by yourself. You need at least 4 people.

Which bo2 zombies ending is canon?

Well Menendez being killed by D. Mason is Canon so the Cordis Die ending must also be canon.


What happens after buried Easter egg?

Just finish all 3 Easter eggs and insert all navcards, then start a brand new game on Buried and press the button to get your reward on round 1. Once that game is over, the whole Easter Egg progress is reset and you have to do them all (except for Mob of the Dead) again.

Where are the buried teddy bears?

To activate it, press the reload button on three Teddy Bears that are hidden throughout the map.

  • A Teddy Bear is near the Quick Revive Machine towards the start of the map.
  • A Teddy Bear is inside a barrel inside the Confectionery.
  • A Teddy Bear is inside the Haunted House near the Double Tap Root Beer Machine.

Where is pack a punch in buried?

If you can make it through the Haunted Mansion that was mentioned earlier, you will reach the Maze in the back. Behind the Maze is a gazeebo with the Pack-A-Punch Machine, and within the Maze is a way to get back to Processing.

Who is the 92 year old Easter egg?

A grandfather says he owns the UK’s oldest unopened Easter egg which he has kept safe for an impressive 92 years. Eric Boden was just a baby when his uncle gave him the Nestle milk chocolate treat for his first Easter in 1931.

What is the longest unfound Easter egg?

Dubbing it as the longest undiscovered Easter Egg ever, the one hidden in the Donkey Kong port for the Atari 400 and 800 took 26 years to find. Programmer Landon Dyer unveiled its existence. If you fulfill a very specific list of criteria before killing Mario, you can see Dyer’s initials on the game’s title screen.

Who is the lady with the oldest Easter egg?

A great-grandmother claims she owns the world’s oldest unopened Easter egg which is still in mint condition after 62 years. Hillion Fern, 75, was given the treat when she was 13 but couldn’t bear to eat it – despite being a self-confessed chocoholic.

Why was the Easter egg hiding?

The men would hide the eggs for the women and children to find. This was a nod to the story of the resurrection, in which the empty tomb was discovered by women.

What is a hidden Easter egg?

An Easter egg is a message, image, or feature hidden in software, a video game, a film, or another — usually electronic — medium.

What does the candy do in buried?

Candy has various uses in Buried. If given on its own, The Giant will aggressively follow the player who gave it to him around, attacking any zombies and will be unresponsive to any other items until it wears off. If given next to a crawler, The Giant will pick it up in his hands and follow the player around with it.

Is there an Easter Egg in Nuketown zombies?

Teddy Bear Easter Egg

This Easter Egg can be found on Nuketown Zombies. To activate it you need to press X (360), Square (PS3), or F (PC) on all three teddy bears in one game. Once you do a song will begin playing. Teddy #2: On the top bunk bed on the second floor of one house.

Where is the big secret bear?

The Big Secret Bear is located past the bottom left corner of the map. All you need to do is travel to the bottom left corner of the map and continue traveling off of the map. You can’t do this in a boat, so it is recommended to use the UFO, biplane, or helicopter.

Why does the Easter Bunny leave eggs?

Eggs, just like the rabbit, have long been considered an ancient symbol of fertility, rebirth and new life, all associated with the springtime celebration of Easter! From a Christian perspective, Easter eggs represent Jesus’ resurrection and his emergence from the tomb.

How do you fill a buried lantern?

After completing the last step, a lantern will fly around the map. Get it down by cooking a grenade so it explodes right next to the flying lantern. One of the players must then pick it up and fill it. To fill the lantern, you will need to kill zombies around the player holding it until Maxis speaks again.

What happened to Richtofen after buried?

So I know that at the end of the Buried EE if you have been doing richtofens side then richtofen possesses Samuel stuhlingers body, and destroys maxis and Sam permanently, and if you have done all maxis side he banishes richtofen into zombie form, all the zombies eyes turn orange instead of blue, except for richtofens …

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