Does Artery Gear: Fusion have PvP?

Players can enjoy various gaming modes in Artery Gear: Fusion, including player-versus-environment and player-versus-player modes.

In this adventurous mobile game, Artery Gear: Fusion, gamers are enabled to put their strategizing skills to the test in turn-based battles against a variety of enemies.

The game offers you modern content with amazingly-illustrated storylines of characters. Furthermore, the game takes place in a fictional, persistent world that was invaded by a horrific enemy race: The Puppies.

In these uncertain times, it is your duty to procure and train mech characters that can save the human race from extinction. There are currently more than 12 kinds of diverse genealogies in the game, each with countless attractive mech girls.

These characters can be used to enjoy varying gaming modes, including player-versus-player and player-versus-environment modes.

What is the difference between player-versus-player and player-versus-environment modes?

The terms player-versus-player (PvP) and player-versus-environment (PvE) are commonly used in video and mobile games. Although they may seem complicated, the terms are quite simple. Player-versus-player is a gaming mode that revolves around player against player combat.

This essentially means that the combat is between actual human players. While in the player-versus-environment, gamers face opponents that are computer-controlled, artificial intelligent beings. PvP is seen as more competitive and aggressive, whereas PvE motivates cooperation and has fewer opportunities for battling other players.

Does Artery Gear: Fusion have PvP?

As previously mentioned, players can enjoy both player-versus-player and player-versus-environment gaming modes in Artery Gear: Fusion. Exercise is the system through which you and other players can engage one another in battle simulations.

Players can access this function from the main interface. Moreover, the Exercise Battle can be further separated into Live-Fire Mode and Training Mode. In the Live-Fire Mode, players can engage in PvP battles in defensive formations that they have deployed. The outcomes of these battles will affect your rank and score, which, in turn, determines your rewards.

It is worth noting that there are certain rules in this gaming mode. The winner in a Live-Fire battle receives ranking points and badge rewards. The higher your rank is, the fewer points you receive if you win. However, the quantity of badges you receive will increase.

If you lose a battle, your ranking points are deducted, along with some badges. The higher you are in rank, the more ranking points you lose, but you do receive more badges for winning. When you have a winning accumulated, as the number of your consecutive victories increased, you will get additional rewards, and these are highlighted in the table below:

Number of consecutive victories Rewards
More than 4 Players receive an additional ranking point and an additional badge reward for each victory
More than 8 You get 2 additional ranking points and badge rewards for every victory
More than 12 Players receive 3 additional badges and ranking points for each victory

Does defence influence your ranking and score?

There are different ways to play in a PvP mode, namely, as a defender or as an attacker. If you win the battle as a defender, you will earn ranking points. But the higher the rank that you are, the fewer points you will get.

If players lose the battle as the attacker, they will lose ranking points and, as previously explained, the higher a player is in a rank, the more points they will lose.

In the battle record for failed defences, you can commence Revenge Battles. In these battles, players can get more ranking points and badge rewards, but if they lose the battle, they will lose more ranking points than usual.

Exercise rewards

At the end of each week, players’ performance in the Military Exercise gaming mode is evaluated and players are rewarded based on their ranking. The same principle applies to seasonal rewards, however, in these, your performance in the entire season is evaluated.

Players can use the badges they won in this gaming mode and exchange them for rare and desirable rewards from the Badge Exchange shop.

Does Artery Gear: Fusion have PvP?
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Badge Exchange shop

To access the Badge Exchange shop, players can go to the supply shop before scrolling down the list on the left-hand side of the screen. In the list, you will find the Badge Exchange shop, which sells a variety of items.

Some of the items available for purchase and their price are as follows:

Item Price
Advanced Decoder Chip 300 Exercise Badges
Casting Parts T1 200 Exercise Badges
BonBon XXL 2000 Exercise Badges
Armament Analyzer 30 Exercise Badges

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