Do you need an SSD for a gaming PC?

Even though a solid-state drive is not necessary for a gaming personal computer, one might see an overall improvement in the PC’s performance with an SSD-powered system.

Solid-state drives (SSD) have become completely mainstream in the past few years, especially when it comes to gamers. The cost of these products have declined, and in terms of performance, SSDs clearly outshine what a hybrid hard drive (HHD) can offer. However, a significant price difference still remains when it comes to the cost-capacity ratio, but it is something that many gamers will overlook if there is a corresponding boost to gaming performance on their systems. Despite many gamers switching to SSDs, there are some users that still wonder if they really need an SSD for their gaming personal computers (PC).

An SSD is used to run a computer’s operating system, which leads to faster boot times and quick access to one’s desktop, once the system is switched on. It uses up less central processing unit (CPU) power, leaving the CPU free for other operations. An SSD also drastically reduces the read and write time, compared to an HHD.

The expertise of an SSD lies in faster data access. This means that any situation in a gaming experience that involves accessing data from the storage on a computer will be faster on an SSD. So, any game will boot faster, and gamers will see shorter loading screens. Users will also face the issue of hitching less when they move a game to an SSD. Hitching is when a game fails to load its assets at a pace that can keep up with the player, which results in pauses or partially loaded screens.

On a Quora thread, one fan wrote, “An SSD is something that everyone says you do not need, but once you have it, you will ask yourself why didn’t you get one before. If you exclusively play one or two games then yes, it is worth it to buy an SSD, as you could easily store those games on a 128 Gigabyte drive.” Adding, “For general use of a computer, it gives a completely different experience. Applications open instantly, and things respond when you click on them Is it necessary? Probably not, but I think it is a good investment to improve your PC’s overall performance.”

Even though an SSD is not necessary for a PC, one might see an overall improvement in the PC’s performance on an SSD-powered system.


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